Book Review: A Heart To Mend by Myne Whitman

Edward, Edward, Edward. Edward is a character that a lot of women may have met (and probably disliked). He’s a man who’s got it all: money, looks, some fame — and an icy cold heart toward love. But somewhere in that icy cold heart is a volcano of love, just waiting to erupt. So, maybe he’d rather fall in love without involving his emotions … what gives? People don’t just become this way. Edward did not just become this way. Somewhere along the line, something happened to him.

And Gladys, she’s almost every woman: caring, loving, and in love with love. She doesn’t mind going in, head first, but she has to know why she’s going in, and who she’s going to meet at the other end. Surprises are only good when they are good surprises.

Perhaps, there’s a little bit of Edward and Gladys in each of us. I started this review thinking I was more of Edward. Now, I’m not so sure. I can’t say the need to fall in love without actually falling in love does not reside somewhere within me. If only you could get that butterfly feeling, that oh-my-God-I-love-you feeling, and then, renege ┬áto get-the-hell-out-of-my-life if it ever comes to that, it’d be so much easier. Edward does not really have an icy heart. He just wants to protect his heart from breaking. Ribs only protect the heart from physical damage, and there’s a certain kind of power that a person has over you when you’re in love with him or her. Edward doesn’t want it. Gladys, however, is brave enough to face it.

Myne Whitman does a magnificent job of bringing the characters together. I stayed up on Friday night last week reading it. I wasn’t going to stay up late because I had to wake up early for the show the next morning, and I kept saying, ‘I’ll just read one more page…’ One more page got me to the end of the book, and I was in tears by then. A Heart To Mend is a book that captivates you from the beginning and dares you to put it down. I couldn’t take the dare. It holds your attention and lures your senses and imaginations in, so all you want to do is read more, more, more. Not only did I enjoy the romance between Edward and Gladys, but I also learned a few things about business.

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  1. NoLimit says

    Please tell me I'm actually first!!!
    Now I want my own copy!:)
    Great review! Welldone Myne!

  2. NoLimit says

    Oh wow! it isn't? I'm actually first?
    On Vera's blog…WOOHOO!!!
    Yeeehaawww! yiippeeee!!!!
    Gosh this is an indication of what MAY will bring!!!YAY YAY YAY!!!
    Whoop whoop!

  3. Kenn-Knotty says

    Havent read a book in months…true confession. But this Edward guy sounds like a good read, judging from the Verastic appraisal. I hope he doesnt have big head like other Edwards.(Kenn flips thru his wallet) Hey, I think I shd see a copy…

  4. Myne Whitman says

    Thanks for the review Vera, I see that Edward got you too like the others. To be honest he got me first and that's why he stole the show, lol.

    I'm glad you liked it and took the time to write this marvelous review of the major characters. So question, which of them would you not forget for the longest time?

  5. Vera Ezimora says

    No Limit: I don't even know from which angle of elevation I should start insulting you this evening, so I'll just let it go. LOL. Congratulations on being first anyway.

    Kenn Knotty: LOL @ him having a big head. I doubt it. Hope you get around to reading it. These your lips sha ….

    Sex Kitten: Yeah, do check it out. You'll like it.

    Myne Whitman: You're welcome darling. Any time. It was my pleasure. And to answer your question, Edward, of course! :-)

  6. One3snapshot! says

    This was a really good review Vera. Now you've got me curious. I just might pick it up, it sounds like a quick read.
    How now?

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