My Weekend Recount: Layomi’s 5th Birthday & Loads Of Pictures!

Firstly, I am so sorry for not blogging for four days. I have been running around like a headless chicken, but I feel much, much better today. Let me give you a break down of my weekend.

Friday: After work, I had to run off to the store to fix something. I can’t say what because Igwe doesn’t know what it is, and if I blog it, he will know it, and I don’t want him to know it. After that, I went for a much needed manicure. I had an emerald green shade that I really wasn’t feeling, so I was so happy when I changed it to a shade of blue. Getting my nails done makes me oh, so happy. I absolutely love staring at my nails.

Something blue

Something blue

Saturday: Our friends AY and Yemisi invited us for their daughter’s – Layomi (Irene) – 5th birthday. Let me tell you about Layomi: she is an absolute daddy’s girl. I love it! I remember when she first started talking and she used to call her dad, Ayo. Too cute. Layomi’s birthday was all the way in Bowie, and I live all the way in Baltimore. I was coming from Westminster though and I underestimated the time it’d take me to get there — plus I missed like every freaking turn. Don’t ask.

Layomi’s birthday party theme was Rock Star, and the colors were hot pink, black, and white. What does that remind you of? My blog, duh! If I had an office, it’d look like Layomi’s party set up. Enough of the talking. See for yourself.

Guests & Decor

Guests & Decor


The celebrant herself: Layomi, Irene

The celebrant herself: Layomi, Irene

There were so many sweet treats that there was plenty left over. When you attend a children’s party and there are sweet treats left over, it means there was more than enough. It was literally an all-you-can-eat-and-takeaway sweet buffet. Kids ate, got high, and crashed at night. We saw little kids walking around like they were drunk and high at once.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

There was also a game truck and an obstacle-course choo choo train. The little kids preferred to conquer their conquests in the choo choo train, while the big kids preferred to play games on the big screen in the game truck. Oh, and there was a face painter. She was really good. It takes a strong American girl to work at a Nigerian party with Nigerian kids and Nigerian parents. I even got my face painted. Then Solachi copied me.

Speaking of Solachi, she and her husband, Frank celebrated their 6th year anniversary yesterday. Congrats, folks! I was their maid of honor, and I can’t believe it’s 6 years already. My dear Funmie finally decided to turn her passion into money. She is now officially a caterer. She catered the food, and yes, she is currently taking orders. Call her 1.443.629.2320. Oh, speaking of Solachi yet again, she  took a picture of her daughter and did not have the sense to adjust the flash. Look at the poor little girl looking like she’s dressed as a ghost for Halloween. It’s a wonder that she could still see after this picture. Solachi, but why???

Solachi + Frank. Can't believe he's still with her. Guess he must really like her. Poor him.

Solachi + Frank. Can’t believe he’s still with her. Guess he must really like her. Poor him.


Lauren, it's so sad that this girl is your mother. You deserve so much better.

Lauren, it’s so sad that this girl is your mother. You deserve so much better.


Wait. I’m not done talking about the food. My people, food dey nyafu nyafu. There was fried rice, jollof rice, plantains, “assorted meats” (beef, goat, tripe, chicken, turkey, liver, and gizzards), pepper soup, green stew (some kind of Yoruba delicacy, but all I see is oil oyel, eggs, and a heart attack), fish, meat pies, fish rolls, orishirishi (spelling?). It was a certified chop and quench party. Chop, we did. Quench, we definitely did.

See me see food

See me see food

At the end of the event, I took a little takeaway token for myself, too. I know they look like colorful pearls, but they’re actually candy. I didn’t taste them at the event, and I did not take them home to eat them. I took them because I love their colors, and because I decided they’d look good as a centerpiece. The only problem with having an edible centerpiece is that people start eating them. I’m not looking in any direction, but Olamide and Nyambe know themselves.

My future centerpiece - once I get a pretty jar to hold them

My future centerpiece – once I get a pretty jar to hold them

The party wouldn’t have been complete without big girls acting like little girls. We just wanted to be five years old again. Is that too much to ask?

Gbo gbo bigs girls acting like gbo gbo small girls

Gbo gbo bigs girls acting like gbo gbo small girls

Sunday: I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was a day of rest — and typing up this post for your reading pleasure. Olamide and his girlfriend, Nyambe did visit me though, and it was nice catching up (and that was when they started eating my centerpiece). Tomorrow is Monday again. Ugh.

P.S. If you can figure out why Funmie is posing with a foil pan, the rest of us would like to know.

P.P.S. It took me soooooooooooo long to put these photos into a collage on Photoshop. Na wa o. I need to hire an assistant.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Dalu says

    I always enjoy reading ur weekend recounts!…. Solachi & her husband look sooo good!…. Happy birthday to d little party girl

  2. Manny says

    Lovely pictures! Look at that food. I live in a state with almost nil Nigerian people so Nigerian food makes me giddy.

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