Throwback Thursday: Bless Me Father, For I Have Kissed

KissThis post was originally posted in March 2009, and I find it even more interesting now. Since I cannot commit to putting up an old picture of me every Thursday – not even on Instagram – I can at least put up old posts – not every Thursday though. Enjoy.


… My last kiss was —- well, let’s leave that alone. There is no need to put that on here now, is there? You and I both know the answer. Let’s leave it between me, You, and him.

A while ago, I attended a Singles’ Dinner/Conference in church. Funmi was there. Ibukun was there. Even three year old Ireti was there. She’s single too, you know. The event was really nice, and I was glad I went. They (the married folks) advised us (the single folks) on how to live the godly single life. Some of the things they told us, I already knew… like sex before marriage is fornication. When a married person has sex with someone other than his/her spouse, that is adultery. All kinds of sex before marriage is a sin. Yes, so whether you engage in vaginal, oral, anal, or whatever other orifice (nose, ears, etc), it is still all sex… and still all fornication. I was not surprised about that. AfrobabeShona VixenIbiluvRoc NaijaMs Sula, and Word Merchant … sebi una dey hear me so?

But eventually, I became very surprised by some of the things I heard. Apparently, oral sex between married couples is also a sin. Honestly, I didn’t know that. I thought it was okay. But apparently, it’s perversion. They said it’s unnatural sex. I don’t know what to make of this news. I’m not going to tell you otherwise because I would not want to mislead you against the word of God. The truth of the matter is that I am still very confused. For some reason, I was under the impression that it was okay for married couples to have oral sex.

But it gets worse. Before marriage, I am not allowed to do several other things. They are“kissing, necking, smooching, caressing… and even fantasizing.” Haba!!! Body no be firewood na! What am I supposed to do when I have a fiance? Shoot, forget fiance. What am I supposed to do when I have a boyfriend? Shake hands??? Oh, and hugging is not recommended either. It’s not a sin, but it’s not recommended because it can lead to the temptation of kissing, necking, caressing, smooching…. and heavens forbid…. fantasizing!!! And once you fall into the temptation of kissing (or any other of the abominable acts), you may very well fall into bed and indulge in a form of sex. In case you’re wondering, the following are also all sins: masturbation, hand job, fingering, and the weird thing where you cocoon the man’s member between your breasts. Of course, threesomes and orgies are major sins! Now, that’s perversion.

What to do… what to do. I have kissed. And lemme not lie, the kiss was baaaaaad! Bad as in when-can-I-get-the-next-installment kind of bad. Yes, it was that good. But now, they said I’m not allowed to kiss anymore. I’m not even allowed to think about the kiss. Oturugbeke! This is an outrage! I need my attorney (Luscious Ron) to do something about this immediately. Perhaps, we could appeal to God? If only God were to taste this kiss that I’m referring to, He too will understand that resisting this kiss is impossicant.

Okay, even if I manage to resist the kiss, how do I resist the thought of fantasizing about the kiss? Hmmmm. This must be the ploy of my enemies to get me to stop kissing, but they have failed. They want me to stop kissing, so they can start kissing my kisser abi? **laughing in Igbo** It will not work for them at alllll. I must get to the bottom of this no-kiss rule. How can I stay in the same room with the kisser and not be kissed? In fact, how can we coexist on the same earth and not kiss? Our lips are magnetic. I almost cannot help it, so technically it’s not even my fault. I think I need to go and explain this to the Pastor.

But in the meantime in between time, I need my dear attorney at law, Luscious Ron to start preparing an appeal document to our Father in Heaven. He should please understand me…. ehn. Dear God, please let me have this one little small sin.

UPDATE: I no longer need this little sin. Thank You, God.

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  1. says

    Yeye Pikin….hio hio hio hio

    As for the no kissing bit..HIAN, na there them kick stone ooooo.. After all my investment in a PhD for kissing na im dem say make I no kiss??? Make I just fashy to look for return on all my investments??

    hmmmmmm *** i laugh in russian, hindi, igbo and hausa*** 😉

  2. earniewhine muibat lawal says

    Verastic Vera…..Now what is God’s position after the appeal? Abi una never appeal finish?

  3. nneky says

    Vera,best way to avoid sexual sin is to marry ooo
    So you and ur bobo should make more money to fund the wedding and walk down aisle and enjoy legal sex.

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