My Weekend Recount: Uju’s Birthday With 6.5 Girls

Apparently, I tell everyone who cares to listen that my friend, Uju, is a doctor. And I cannot help it. I am so, so proud of her. She is a fighter. Anyway, Uju’s birthday was this past Thursday, and we asked her several times what she wanted to do and she said nothing. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and tell the girls that we should all show up at Uju’s house on Saturday, unannounced. Well, I told her that I’ll be coming, but I didn’t tell her about the remaining 4.5 girls.

It was Uju, me, Funmie, Solachi, Ibukun, Tim, and Lauren. Lauren is Solachi’s nine month old baby, which is why we were 6.5 girls instead of just 6. All we did was eat, talk, laugh, reminisce, and make fun of each other’s exes. So yeah, it was a very eventful day. There were lots to eat and drink. Funmie, our personal chef was there to keep us happy. Somehow, we didn’t really take pictures of ourselves, but Lauren (our celebrity guest, by the way) was all over the pictures. I think she thought it was her birthday. Uju’s baby brother was there, too, and I fear that he may never look at us the same way again. I think he thinks we’re crazy.

Yup. Lauren definitely thought it was her birthday

Yup. Lauren definitely thought it was her birthday


Uju's brother, UD, and Lauren

Uju’s brother, UD, and Lauren. Look at the way she’s looking at him. Haha.


This bad ass fish Funmie fried

This bad ass fish Funmie fried


The almighty efo

The almighty efo


Efo and pounded yam: they're just like 5 and 6

Efo and pounded yam: they’re just like 5 and 6


I think these crabs were looking at me

I think these crabs were looking at me


Eating this thing is so much work (I don't eat crabs)

L to R: UD, Teja [UD’s friend], and Solachi. Eating this thing is so much work (I don’t eat crabs)

Funmie is always flipping me the bird. And here's proof.

Funmie is always flipping me the bird. And here’s proof.


Funmie & Lauren. Babes are posing.

Funmie & Lauren. Babes are posing.


This must be a strange birthday post seeing as no pictures of the birthday girl were taken. Well, I did take pictures of her, but she doesn’t want them up because she was not camera-ready. She had bendy rollers in her head, which is partially our fault as we did not announce our visit. But all hope isn’t lost. Last year, I did blog about her, so if you’re interested, you can read about my gorgeous friend, Uju HERE.

It was so much fun hanging out with everyone because it had been so long since we all got together. That’s what happens when you grow up and your priorities change. I hope we get to hang out more often. Happy birthday again, Uju.

P.S. Adaobi, you see what you’re missing in America?? When are you coming to join us? 😀

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    • says

      Yuck for crabs. The only seafood I like is fish, and I like it fried. Boiled/baked fish is nasty. The skin is slippery. If there’s a way to boil the fish without the skin, then I’m game.

    • says

      Pendo, please help me to tell her ooo! Do you know how long I have been begging her to start? I even came up with a business name and strategy for her. And I gave her some nice ideas. Still, she has refused to start. Her excuse is that she bought wrong maggi one time, so because of that, she will not cater. No, I’m not joking. That’s really the nonsense she said.

        • Pendo says

          Lol @wrong maggi hahaha Imagine just the sight of the food alone convinced me of her cooking skills and the fact that most of Vera’s at home party posts usually have Funmie as the cook or is it cookeress??? Funmie the ball is in your court just start small keep your day job but have this as a side hustle until it picks up.

          • says

            Pendo, Funmie and I had this conversation again yesterday. The girl just makes me tired. Since she has refused to cater, I guess I’m left with only one choice: continue to use her as my caterer for free. Well, let’s be fair. Even if she starts catering, she’ll always be my caterer for free.

  1. Funmie says

    Had fun fun :)
    Vera, i’m sure that people here know that u Photoshop-ed that pic.. yea that one with the middle finger.

    the food looks yummm sha.

    HBD again Doc, God bless u big… here is too free healthcare in obodo oyinbo :)

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