Ladies, What’s In Your Bag?

I did a post like this back in 2008, but unfortunately, I lost the image in that post when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. [Read that post here]. At that time, my bag used to be so heavy that it was hurting my shoulder. These days, it’s not the case, but I thought to still do a post about the contents of my bag. Speaking of bags, I always prefer a bag with more room, even if I don’t fill it up. I’m not the girl who would buy one of those little box clutches that would only fit a lip balm. I prefer big bags.

A while ago, I called myself being trendy and decided to buy a little clutch. Error! I was so frustrated that I could not fit everything I wanted in the bag. If you read my old post about the contents of my bag, you’d notice that I like carrying a lot. I’m impressed that I don’t have so much this time, although some things have disappeared due to technology. For example, I have no need for an mp3 player, a daily planner, or a notebook because I do all these on my phone now.

So for now, I intend to buy big clutches and evening bags. All that being said, this is what’s currently in my bag, and the bag in the picture is what I’m currently carrying. I love bags, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick shoes over bags. You most likely wouldn’t wear the same shoe everyday for a week, but I would carry the same bag for a week. Two weeks sef.

What's currently in my bag

What’s currently in my bag


1.  Make up bag: I cannot confirm or deny that this is useful. I guess it is … kind of. It contains three L’Oreal lip glosses, a mirror, some hair bands, a nail cutter, safety pins, and a tweezer. Of the three glosses, I only use the pink one.

2. Fossil wallet: This wallet is sooo old. I was actually using a newer one just about two weeks ago. But I didn’t like that one, so I literally transferred back to this old one (which I hadn’t used in over two years).

3. My bag: Love that it’s flat and has those zippers on the side.

4. Lotion: It’s Vanilla Rum from Bath & Body Works. It’s seasonal. Bought it around Christmas (I bought two and this is the second one). Love the smell.

5. Flossers: Dentek flossers in a cute handy dandy thingy to hold them.

6. Sunglasses: These sunglasses made it so hard to take this picture! Because they’re mirror lens, I kept seeing my reflection in them, and I was only wearing a t-shirt and underwear! Which kin attempted embarrassment be that?

7. Lip glosses and lipstick: My lip glosses (the blue one is the Baby Lips from Maybelline, which I blogged about here), and next to the Baby Lips is one of the Lancome lipsticks I have.

8. Kleenex tissue: I always like to have tissue handy. It comes in especially handy on Sundays. I always cry in church.  The Pastor always speaks like God told him something about me.

9. Hand sanitizer: Vanilla hand sanitizer from Avon.

10. My cell phone: Badly in need of an upgrade. Waiting for Samsung to come out with the Samsung Galaxy Note IV. It’s gonna have a yellow case. I’ve made up my mind. Yes, I know I don’t even know what the phone will look like, but I have to plan.

11. Work cell: *yawn*

12. Highlighter and pens: I write a lot and sometimes I like to highlight what I write. Next to my highlighter is my favorite pen in the world (Pilot G2 pen), and I will buy the boldest version. Next to the Pilot G2 pen is the other pen – the one I lend to people. They can keep it if they want, but I won’t share my Pilot! Oh, I also use the other pen to sign checks. My mommy said to never use gel pens on my check.

13. Keys: Self explanatory.

14. USB cable: This is for charging my phone. What I need to do is invest in a portable charger cause it’s not like there’s a computer next to me all the time to charge my phone.

15. Coin purse: Self explanatory.

16. Lighter: No, I don’s smoke. Some months ago, it was all over the news about a family that went up to some mountain after a huge snow storm. Somehow, their truck overturned (surprise, surprise) and they were trapped, but they were able to make a fire and keep warm. So while I do not EVER plan on going out during a snow storm for the sake of looking at snow, I still carry my lighter.

What’s in your bag?

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    Oh Vera! I always lol whenever I’m reading your posts. Which is really good and the more reason why I keep coming back… I notice that we both have those baby lip gloss by Now to answer the question of what’s in my bag.. I always carry my hand sanitizer, my shower cap(bought from a beauty store in Lanham) which is good for the rains in Nigeria… I have stopped carrying my wallet,. That thing can be burdensome. I tend to sweat a lot on my feet so I carry Avon foot cream in place of your own hand lotion… I have two inner pockets where I keep my naira notes neatly, and the other reserved for my other phones(You know the drill, naija way). I still don’t have the grace to leave all of my notes to technology as in all of them copied to my phone, so I carry a note book, WHICH I get to replace whenever I get a newer notebook. lol

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