It’s My Birthday!

Yup!!! I’m a year older today. Normally, I’d do a long post of self reflection, but not today. Today, I just want to thank God for taking the extra time to create me. He has made me more beautiful than words can describe, and if He had given me the choice to decide what I wanted to look like, I would have never made myself this beautiful. I want to thank God for my life and for my health.

I want to thank Him for the family he gave me; I did not choose them, but if I had a choice, I’d choose them all over again, especially mom and dad. I want to thank God for the friends He has blessed me with, especially Igwe. I want to thank God for you wonderful readers and listeners; there isn’t a finer group of people on the face of the earth. I swear it.

I was about three or four, still in Russia

And I want to do all this thanking while starring at a picture of little Vera. She did not know then that she would grow up to be the person that she is today. But she is so happy for who she has become. As she packs her stuff in boxes, in anticipation for the move, she is beyond excited. She also has no idea why she is referring to herself as a third person.

Thank You, God. Happy birthday to me. Here’s to 2013, the greatest year in my life – for now. *kisses*

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  1. RoseofSharon says

    Aww you were such a pretty child and a beautiful young woman. Yes 2013! The best year yet. Wishing you many more to come and don’t forget to count your blessings everyday. Have a happy one

  2. says

    Aww…little Vera is very pretty 😀

    Happy birthday!!! Wishing you the very very best of God this year and always! May you always walk in God’s plan for your life.

  3. Pendo says

    С Днем Рождения Verushka and many more to come! Please tell Igwe THE LIST from your readers is now ready. He and his people don’t have to do the purchasing we will take cash just make out the check to me:)

  4. Sykik says

    Happy baiday, dearie……wish you many more joyous years.

    I am jejely waiting for the post on how and what Igwe surprised you with today.

  5. Manny says

    Happy Birthday Vera … God bless you mightily this year and always
    I see quaker oats, nescafe and bournvita in the cabinet lol

  6. simplyIfeoma says

    Happy Birthday Verasticoco m! May it be full of joy, happiness and all that makes your heart smile. And may the good Lord continue blessing you with many more years to come. :-)

    Soo, you grew up in Russia ehn? Well then, ayam waiting for you to whisper sweet nothings in Russian in my ear. Tenkz

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