Happy Birthday To The Igwe Of Life!

It’s my Igwe’s birthday again. I am so grateful to what God has done between last year’s birthday and this birthday. It’s only been a year, but so much has changed for him, and I am so proud of him. This year’s birthday, however, can afford to be a lot better. Igwe isn’t here. He’s X thousand miles away from me, all the way in Nigeria. So I got to tell him happy birthday over the phone, and I hated it. Just hated it. Birthdays shouldn’t be celebrated virtually. And I am a person who absolutely loves birthdays.

The Igwe himself

The Igwe himself

I don’t know how people in long distance relationships do this thing. It’s ridiculous! Igwe is in Nigeria because he’s working on a project that requires him to be there. I will tell you all about it once he gives me the go-ahead to do so. But I have been thinking about 5 things that won’t happen today because Igwe is in Nigeria:

1.  No birthday sex

2.  No birthday cake

3.  No birthday kiss at midnight

4.  No birthday gift (not what I wanted to give him anyway)

5.  No private birthday dinner

6.  No birthday dinner with our friends (but I’m sure they’re rejoicing that we’re not inviting them to yet another event)

7.  No birthday sex

8.  No birthday sex

9.  No birthday sex

10.  No birthday sex

I just want to clarify something. Although I have mentioned the sex thing a couple times, I want you to know that it is not at all about me. The truth is that I am actually totally thinking about Igwe and what he would have wanted to have. If it were up to me, I would want nothing to do with it. Sex? *spits* Hate it.

I’m deliberately staying away from being mushy on this post because (1) I don’t like getting mushy, and because (2) I really, really, really, REALLY miss Igwe. So I’ll laugh this post off because the alternative would be to say all the wonderful things about him and then cry myself to sleep.

So, happy birthday Igwe. I can hardly wait for you to come home. I’m going to do some serious prayers for you this night. Most of it would be to thank God for you, for your life, for your health, for the person He has given you the grace to be. Yes.

Happy birthday, my love. We’ll celebrate when you come back.

P.S. If you can, please help me send a birthday tweet to Igwe here. Thank you 😀

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  1. says

    Vera! So now you’re showing ya kinky self, eh? I’m beginning to suspect you! Mehn Igwe is one lucky guy, I tell ya. Happy birthday to him and may God answer your prayers. Lol 😀

    • says

      Worship, I am not the one who is kinky oh! I am the innocent one. I only talked about sex because of him. Left to me, I don’t want. That is my story, and I am sticking to it. Lol. :p

  2. Pendo says

    Happy birthday Igwe! Vera I think you need to get a Delta India Lima Delta Oscar that is if you haven’t got one already:)

  3. anuli says

    Happy birthday to my in-law. Oya do quick and bring the palm wine o, our throats are beginning to run dry and our hands are itching to carry your twins

    • says

      Me, bad behavior? Since when ooo? Lol. Meanwhile, I like this Veraton word. Still can’t believe you said I have bad behavior. Fine, fine Sisi good behavior girl like me?

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