Guess Who’s Going To The BlogHer Conference This Year? This Girl!

I am so excited! Come next week, I will be in San Jose, California for the 10th annual BlogHer Conference. AKA the biggest, baddest blogging conference for women bloggers. I have been waiting to go for this conference for ever. Each year, I come up with a new excuse. Well, not an excuse per say, but I have never really had the financial freedom to attempt to go. There is always something more pressing to attend to. Last year, however, I decided that come hell or high water, I’m going to the BlogHer Conference in 2014 (and incredible things happen when you say, ‘come hell or high water …’). This is their 10th annual conference, so they’re making it a bigger, badder conference. Something tells me that I have chosen the best time to attend this conference.

This is me being happy about the BlogHer Conference

This is me being happy about the BlogHer Conference

While meeting new bloggers and exploring a new city will all fun to do, I have one major thing on my agenda: to increase my network, so I can increase my net worth. Kpom kwem. C’est finit. That being said, I do look forward to meeting new people. I don’t personally know anyone who will be attending, so it’ll be interesting to see how many friends, if any, I make before I leave. I have never attended an event like this before. I don’t know anyone personally, and to my knowledge, no one knows me either. For now.

I don’t know what to expect. I mean, I have the list of activities and their dates and times, but I still don’t know what to expect. I haven’t packed a single thing because I am mostly confused about how many things to pack. How many clothes should I take? What about shoes? How many times would I have to change in a day? What kind of clothes should I take? I would like to carry only a hand luggage because I am paranoid about checking my luggage in. It’s not a straight flight, so I fear that someone will forget to transfer my luggage to the new plane, and I would be in San Jose with only the clothes on my back. So, yeah, I don’t want to check in. It’s not a straight flight because I literally could not find one single straight flight on any airline from Baltimore to San Jose. Overall, the flight going is be about 8 or 9 hours.

BlogHer has been kind enough to develop a Buddy System. Basically, if you’re new like me, you can apply to have a veteran attendee guide you and personally look out for you. I like the idea, but I am yet to sign up. I’m afraid that I’ll sign up and then when I get there, I’d want to explore solo. Worse, I’d really feel like a liability if someone has to “turn down” because of me. Maybe I’ll change my mind before the conference, but for now, this is where I am.

The BlogHer Conference means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it’s for fun and/or for hanging out with their friends. For me, I’m looking at it as a business trip with pleasure perks. I don’t know what – if any – opportunities will arise after/due to this conference, but I’m praying for divine favor. The blogging world is so competitive for those who want to blog for more than fun and for more than a pair of shoes. I’ll be attending the BlogHer Conference as the Underdog. And the Newbie. And the Freshman. And the Rookie. And the JJC. Whatever name you want to call me.

One thing that I am so grateful for is that in spite of the conference’s total hefty price tag (conference fee, travel, hotel, miscellaneous), I did not have to pay for it with my “personal” money. Verastic paid for it. I’m looking forward to Verastic paying for my Range Rover and buying me a mansion. Speaking of the Range Rover, have you seen the newest one? Oh, my God. Yes, I still stalk Range Rovers on the highway. So beautiful.

Anyway, a girl can dream, right?

P.S. Just in case you’re reading this and you’ll be at the BlogHer Conference, let’s plan to meet and greet (and possibly hug).

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  1. says

    I believe you are destined to be favored especially with the way you are passionate about everything you find yourself doing.Wish you Godspeed all through your stay in Cali.. Go break a leg!

  2. Pendo says

    Aww you sound so excited! Hope you have fun and make lots and lots of connections at the conference so you can give your loyal readers a maserrati each hahaha. I feel you on the buddy system i too feel like that whenever I have the option of a guide I am always thinking what if we don’t click and I can’t stand the person how do I let them loose lol I actually prefer solo sightseeing unles I am in non English speaking locations. Or you can have an option to use the guide for only a few hours a day and then do the rest of the stuff on your own. All the best hun!

    • says

      Pendo, I really am excited ooo. I’m looking forward to it all. I just discovered that the Blogalicious conference is coming up in November in San Antonio. Let me respect myself and focus on this one first. Lol at the Maserati. Ah, ah! Pendo, you no try oh. You didn’t even start from the bottom (Wheel Barrow), so we can move up. Per sightseeing solo, you know, I don’t think I have ever traveled or explored a foreign place solo. I mean, it’s not like going to Baltimore or something close to me. Anywaysssss, I’m looking forward to it all. Thanks for the well wishes :-)

  3. says

    Woohoo! That’s awesome that you’re going to BlogHer! Have a wonderful time and make awesome business cards that match your brand to give out so that you’ll be unforgettable! I know you’ll come back with a ton of new connections!

    Enjoy San Jose!

    • says

      Thanks, GNG! I made the business cards already. Well, I’ve always had business cards, but I just made new ones. I’m so looking forward to it all! Thanks, babe.

  4. halle b'anyi ;) says

    Do a google search for “what I wore to blogher conference” a ton of links come up and you can view pictures from past conferences to get a sense of what people wear. Take a notebook and pens and lots of business cards. If I know anything about conference, it’s to pack flats/comfy shoes because you will be walking around a lot. Also make sure you attend as many networking events as possible, you’re a friendly person so I’m sure you’ll make contacts.

    • says

      Halle B’anyi, this your advice, odikwa too much! I actually did the Google search and it has confirmed my initial suspicions: flats, flats, flats! I have the business cards part down, and I definitely have a notebook and pens. I will attend as many events as possible. If I can, I’ll clone myself and attend all of them sef. Lol. Meanwhile, you think I’m friendly? Awwww *blushing* Lol.

  5. says

    Yayy, congratulations Vera! I remember you blogging about it last time, and now it’s a reality. Cheers to expanding networks and networths too lol. Have a great time, and take plenty pics for us! :)

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