CBN Featured Me … Kinda Sorta

On Wednesday, December 12th, I put up a write-up – Whose Mouth Will You Have To Stop Feeding? – about the fiscal cliff and how it will impact us – Nigerians, Africans, Immigrants. Two days later, I received a tweet from one of my followers telling me that I was featured in a 700 Club report. So off I went to dig.

And I found it! It’s not that Vera Ezimora herself was featured per se, but more like Vera Ezimora’s tweet about the fiscal cliff appeared in the report that CBN did about how Washington (that’s Obama’s code name, by the way) has invoked social media in the battle against the fiscal cliff. And while showing a series of tweets, they deemed mine fit enough to appear. You’re welcome, President Obama.

Now, here’s the thing though. Considering how anti Liberals and Immigrants conservative CBN is, I’m wondering their real reason for including my tweet in their report: to show that Washington is really invoking social media for a good cause? Or to show their fellow anti Immigrants and Liberals people Conservatives that Washington is invoking social media to do some bad, bad things to them? Doesn’t matter anyway.

But, there is a point to this post, and I promise, I’m getting to it. You see, now that I my tweet has been featured on CBN, you know what this means, right? It’s Vera Ezimora for President 2016!!! Duh. What were you thinking? Move over Hillary Clinton! It’s Vera to the rescue. I promise not to discuss my binder full of women, and I promise not to mention the 47%. It’ll be a binder full of men, women, children, and pets … and a 100% of Americans. Of course!

Something tells me that CBN will endorse me. I just have this feeling.

The tweet that invoked this post:

And you may read the full report from CBN here.


  1. elean J says

    i saw washington taking notes… i bet he was writing down your twitter handle….. Igwe should beware… levels fit change!

  2. Cameroon American Council says

    Well done Ms. Vera! And yes yes to your fans who say you will be/is the voice of African immigrants!

    And I cracked up on the poster who said ‘you’d be called up to give your 2 kobo’…well should CNBC or Rachel Maddow coming calling you for a comment, you have had plenty of practice on your radio show!

    Thank you once more for bringing such a heavy subject into our community in a stylish, fun and culturally relevant manner.

    It appears more work still needs to be done, as the Senate passed the bill but we are not sure how the House will decide….any suggestions/insights on what is in-store for us African immigrants???


    Sylvie Bello- Cameroon American Council

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