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I am one girl with many hats, and I would be more than happy to wear one – or more – of these hats for you.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: My most comfortable place is behind a microphone. Depending on how you look at it, this may also be referred to as being in front of a microphone. Either way, there will be a microphone, and I will be speaking directly into it. I can actually do this without a microphone, too. My expertise (in no particular order) are: Blogging and social media, personal branding, African representation in the media, African and African American cultural tensions, gender inequality in the African community, and relationships.

MC/HOSTING GIGS: I have MC’d and hosted almost all kinds of events, from weddings to birthdays to baby and bridal showers, to church events, and to shows. I am yet to pastor a sermon or give a presidential speech. But if it involves me hyping up a crowd – with or without a microphone – I can do it. Very, very well.

ADVERTISING: Through this blog and my show (The Verastic Show), I offer very attractive and affordable advertising options – but of course, I would say so. When you see the prices, you would think so, too. Find out more about advertising.

Thank you for reading! You must now be wondering how to reach me and book me before it’s too late. Check out my contact page.

DEAR VERA (ADVISE COLUMN): This is a very new thing that I have started (April 2013), and so far, it’s been very rewarding. You send me an e-mail about whatever you need advise on, and I post it on my blog where I give my candid opinion on the issue and leave it open for other readers to voice their own opinions, too. Your name is completely left out (unless you state otherwise), and you’re simply referred to as “Reader.” Check out some of my past Dear Vera posts. Also, please check out my disclosure page for my advise policies.

REVIEWS: I review books and products, though I have done mostly books. However, because of my very busy schedule, I am unable to accept too many books at once, so a product would be a much more feasible item to review at this time. If you’re interested in having me review your book or product, please contact me. While the book reviews are completely free, I do charge a small fee for other kinds of reviews. However, you are responsible for getting your item(s) to me.

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