Midnight Bluez: I Won’t Let Him Go Down On Me

It’s the first edition of Midnight Bluez, and as you can see, we’re throwing everything — including the kitchen sink. Today’s Midnight Bluez is the case of the girl who won’t let him go down on her. Continue to find out why.

“I can’t let him go down on me because his breath stinks.” Yes, it is just that simple. According to this Midnight Bluezer, his breath is so bad that not only can she not kiss him, but she will also never allow him to go down on her. And you thought it was impossible for a woman to say no to cunninlingus? She says he has begged and begged and begged for her to let him go down on her, but she has turned down all his offers.

If you’re wondering about the details of this situation, this is all she’s letting on: Yes, he’s Nigerian. No, they are not in a committed relationship. No, she has not told him that his breath stinks to high heavens. And no, she does not know how to tell him.

What this Midnight Bluezer wants: She wants us to tell her what to do and how to do it (since saying no isn’t enough for this guy.)

My take: I think refusing is good enough. It’s your vagina, so you’re the gate man or woman of it; you may allow who you want in it or not. You do not have to have a valid reason for why he can provide you with oral pleasure. Saying no should be enough. If, however, you like him or are interested in receiving this pleasure or perhaps, you just want to look out for him in preparation for the next woman, then you may subtly mention how important it is for everyone to see a dentist every now and then. If all else fails, you can either elope to another planet or simply send him an anonymous note with the words, “Dear ___, your breath stinks.”

I’ve given my take. What’s yours?

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  1. Boom Jay says

    If she wont let him go down, does she let him thrust? Anyway she should help him with some close-up or mac-cleans or something.

    • says

      Boom Jay, I honestly did not think of that — whether she lets him thrust. I don’t know. And she did not disclose that information to me either. But how does she begin to give him Close-Up without coming off as being mean?

  2. Pendo says

    i can understand her not wanting to kiss him but i never knew vajayjays could smell bad breath too….this girl is not serious either move on to the next guy stop wasting this man’s time or find a tactful way to tell him his breath stinks

  3. says

    Maybe she’s afraid he has an oral infection? Then out of the small love that allowed her to be in a relationship with this guy, she should alert him to his bad breath and send him to an oral doc kia kia.

  4. Manny says

    I’m stuck on why the man has been begging and begging. Does he want to please her that bad or what. I mean, it’s like a woman begging and begging her man to allow her give him oral sex. Shooooo, who is getting the pleasure here?

  5. Funmie says

    All emphasis on ” No, they are not in a committed relationship”

    explains why she wouldnt bother telling him his breath kicks.

    But guys sef, babe wey never allow you kiss am… u don dey beg to consume…
    Dudu prolly has major self esteem issues… i mean, what else explains the begging?

    reminds me of a “lemme just enter a little staunt” buahahahahahahaha. Good old days i tell you.

  6. Mizcoffeebeans says

    Haha…I can imagine the torture. Well she must have a high threshold for punishment. If she can’t alert him to the matter, she should let the poor guy go and hopefully, he’ll meet someone who will. Though how people wwith bad breath never know is beyond me. The nose is not far na.

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