He Can Have One More Night Any Time

Song: One More Night by Busy Signal

First of all, I did not know that Busy Signal was so young! Judging from his voice, I just thought he was much older. This song is a rendition to English singer, Phil Collin’s One More Night from his 1985 album, No Jacket Required. So technically, this song is 26 years old. Naturally, this song was a hit , and it was among the top ten favorites of that time.

Back to Busy Signal. Prior to listening to his version, I already knew and loved Phil Collin’s version. But with Busy Signal, however, even the reggae  rhythm at the beginning of the song has a way of making you sway your hips from left to right. Just me?

Although the verses of the song are beautiful, it’s the chorus that gets me. Specifically, the chorus after the second verse because it’s longer than the other verses.  It starts one minute and fifty seconds into the song (1:50).  Busy Signal sings, “One more night / Gimme just one more night / Girl, one more night / Cause I can’t live without you / One more night / Baby, gimme one more night girl / A million more nights / Cause I can’t sleep without you / At least gimme one more night (baby) / Gimme just one more night (me need yuh) / Girl, one more night / Cause I can’t live without you / One more night / Baby, gimme one more night girl / A million more nights / Cause I can’t sleep without you …”

Although the song does not emphatically state that Busy Signal and his lady are having issues (or not together / broken up), it does imply it. When he asks for one more night, he states his reason as being that he cannot live or sleep without her. I find this cute.  I really do. As a woman, I think, okay, he can have one more night. One night, and that’s it! But then, he goes on to confess his actual desires: a million more nights. So basically, asking for one night is just a ploy to getting a second night, and a third, and a fourth, and a millionth. Now, this is very, very cute! At this point, I would hug him. No, no. I would kiss him next to his lips, like on the edge. Not quite on his lips, but not off it either. That’d be my not-so-subtle way of saying, “Keep talking singing. I’m listening.”

Even after revealing his true desires of having a million nights, he goes back to pleading: at least gimme one more night. I’d be drawing mighty close to him by now, about to officially say, “Okay. You may have one more night.” However, when he adds, “Me need yuh…” that totally kills it! Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Gbam!  I just find that so, so, sexy. Fine. I admit it. I like being needed. Come right in, Busy Signal. You can have as many nights as you please 😀

For your listening enjoyment, I present to you, One More Night by Busy Signal. You may, if you wish, grab your partner and sway your hips from left to right.


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One More Night by Busy Signal

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