Shoe Crush: Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pump

Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pump - Black & Blue

Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pump – Black & Blue

My Sweet Potatoes, these shoes have been chasing me in my dreams. I dream of owning them. I dream of wearing them. I have a pair of black panty hose that in my head will go perfectly with a short skater dress or skirt … and of course these pumps. I want them in black and in blue. Oh, my good Lord, I want them BADLY. But they cost $215. Each.

If you are reading this post right now, please know that this is a sign from the good God Almighty that you should buy me one (or both) of these shoes. Size 9. Heed the voice of God and buy them for your favorite Vera Ezimora in the whole wide world.  It’s not like you have another Vera Ezimora; I know you don’t. Thank you in advance. Your reward is most likely in Heaven.

Wait. Before I publish this, I want to make sure that we understand each other. I am telling you about these shoes because I want you to buy them for me. For. Me. Not for yourself. Not for your friend. Not for your mom. Not for your wife. Not for anyone, but me. If I go back to the website and find out that the shoes are no longer available in my size, I will know that you have done something very, very bad. Bad, bad, bad. Don’t do something bad.

Image source: Aminah Abdul Jillil

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  1. Adabeke says

    Hott shoes girl but the moral of this post is that we both wear the same shoe size so maybe you should dash me one of your awesome pairs of shoes…;-).

    • says

      Adabeke, please mind yourself on this blog oh! Ahn ahn. How can same size be the moral of this post? Loool. Please warn yourself oh before I completely provoke.

  2. Broke Boyfriend says

    This shoe is causing problems in my relationship o. My girl has been diturbing me for the blue one for weeks now, I just dey ignore her. I really hope they sell out very soon so I can find a good excuse.

    Why shoe go cost like this!! Cos e get bow? I fit go but bow sow am ontop one payless shoe for her. Y’all women sha. Abeg, have mercy on us.

    • says

      Looool. Broke Boyfriend, if you cannot afford, then there is no reason to go beyond what you can do. But if you can afford it and girlfriend really wants it, diarris God oh.

  3. Naija gf says

    @broke bf, I know it’s you oh and just so you know, if that shoe sells out, I’ll be selling out your items and you risk selling me to a rich bf lol nonsense and ingredient!

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