Why Men Should Not Wear Leggings

Actually, for men, they are called meggings. If I did not have a picture to accompany this post, I would have thought about a list of reasons why men shouldn’t wear leggings. But I have a picture. And a picture is a thousand words reasons.

Just out of curiosity, are there male Verastic readers that wear this (or are willing to wear this)? And are there female Verastic readers who know men who wear this? Would you want your man, son, brother, father (ugh) to wear this?

Don't. Do. It

Don’t. Do. It

I don’t know what it feels like to have your penis and balls all out of air and space like that, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that it’s uncomfortable and possibly painful. I know that style is all about expressing yourself, but some things really should be repressed. How do I stand next to this man without staring at him? And without bursting into a fit of unstoppable laughter?

The penis is on the right and the balls are on the left, and I’m pretty sure that that’s not how they’re supposed to look. The balls should be behind the penis. Trust me, I know. I took Biology (yes, of course. That’s where I learned it from). Even without the strange position of his member, I’m looking at how the leggings are hugging his legs, and I ain’t here for that.

Seriously though, what the heck?


  1. Abi says

    Lol now that’s the main reason I stay away from any leg hugging pants!! They are meant to be free and receive air! I usually can’t breathe when I make them feel uncomfy

  2. Ola says

    LMAO nawa oh…Vera were you dey see all this paco guys? Even kid bros goes why is his “thing” divided lol. The guy for wear briefs now maka we know say Na wetin he wan wear. Next thing you will see guys wearing boxers with their “thing” wiggling.

  3. Patrick says

    Um who cares? Seriously! If you dont like what someone else wears then ……….. wait for it………… dont look! I mean seriously I really dont care if a guy wants to chill out wearing a dress and women wants to wear a black t-shirt with a pack of cigs rolled up in the sleeve, jeans and boots with their hair chopped short and slicked back. I mean if I where to wear theme I might choose to have a shirt that was longer or maybe even shorts over them. But at the end of the day its really no one else’s business what anyone else wears.

  4. John says

    So its okay when women wearing thight leggings which reveals their “camel toe” but its ugly, digsuting for men to do it. Because women bodies are beautiful while male bodies are ugly right? No one want to see male bodies right?

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