It Was Barack’s Inauguration, But Michelle Stole The Show!

While still unpacking, Igwe and I paused to enjoy the inaugural celebration, and it was beautiful. Or as Britney Spears always said on X Factor, “it was amazing. There were [are] too many things that fascinated me about the Obamas. First of all, I think it’s safe to assume that the Obamas can afford to buy almost whatever they want. Whether it’s a Rolex watch, or a pair of red bottoms, or the priciest Tiffany jewelry, so why don’t they?

My President, Barack Obama


Michelle Obama in Thom Browne dress and coat


The Obamas


Michelle Obama’s belt from J.Crew


Vice President, Joe Biden and his infectious smile


First Daughters, Malia and Sasha


Underneath this Jason Wu dress resides a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes

Just like four years ago, Michelle Obama picked American designers for her outfits. For the swearing in and parade yesterday morning, she wore a dress and coat that were designed specially for her by Thom Browne, a designer that is known mainly for men’s clothes. Her outfit was made out of the silk material that is usually used for men’s ties. And for the inaugural ball, she wore a Jason Wu dress, the same designer who made her white dress for the inaugural ball four years ago, which consequently put him on the map and opened up opportunities that were never there before.

Whether or not you agree with what I am about to say does not matter because I will say it anyway. While watching the inauguration, I could not help but play a mental picture of what Nigeria’s inauguration would look like. While I have never attended one [in Nigeria and/or here], I know my people. The President and his wife will most likely wear Nigerian designers – not because they want to showcase the designer, but because they are supposed to wear traditional outfits anyway. The guests, celebrities included, will wear red bottoms and be sure to let you know.

The money spent on the cake would be large enough to feed at least half the nation, and Boko Haram would be the celebrities of the day. I do not write these things because I hate Nigeria, or because I am not proud to be a Nigerian,  but because I am frustrated at how little we do, considering how much we can do. And it seems like we have been on a downward spiral forever. But I digress.

P.S. I’m waiting for the fashion bloggers – in and out of America – to blog about how beautiful the First Lady looked, and how they cannot wait to wear a Thom Browne dress.

P.P.S. Michelle Obama’s boots during the inaugural parade were custom made for her. I don’t know by who.

P.P.P.S. Michelle Obama’s shoes at the inaugural ball was made for her by Jimmy Choo.

P.P.P.P.S. Michelle Obama’s diamonds at the inaugural ball were also custom designed by Kimberly McDonald.

P.P.P.P.P.S. I absolutely love Michelle Obama’s gloves, the contrast between the gloves and her dress makes it look so beautiful. And it’s almost as if she and her daughter, Malia, deliberately switched colors between coats and gloves. Nice!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I have no idea what President Obama is wearing, and I don’t care either. He’s a man, and he’s wearing a black suit. That’s all that matters. There are even jokes that he’s wearing the same suit from four years ago. Ahh, men have it so easy.

Back to unpacking.

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  1. says

    Such a stylish First Lady! Inspirational – All round!
    Lol @ Obama prob wearing the same suit as 4 years ago.. Men have it soo easy.. Oh well, I guess that’s why girls get to have all the FUNNN! :-) xx

  2. Pendo says

    My friend get back to those boxes! lol anyway Michelle looked amazing!!!! Love the new hair too. The girls are turning into beautiful young women whoever attempts to date these girls in the future will have some very high standards to meet Daddy set a good precedent…

  3. says

    I like to think that I’m a bit too obsessed with the Obama family as a unit (and in singles? everyone exempting Barrack)

    as a side note, today someone told me that I look like I’d probably be Michelle Obama’s niece… MADE. MY DAY.!!!

    But I think hands down, you’re probably more obsessed than I am.

    P.S I think Sasha is too cute but something about Malia makes her so hard to not love

  4. Ay says

    Looool! I hope it really isn’t the same outfit from 4 years ago he’s wearing oh! Seeing that he has not even put on any weight sef (or has he?), he can get away with it.

    Chai! While women take great care not to repeat colour of outfit within a fortnight! Not to talk of the outfit itself sef! Men can get away with wearing the same thing almost everyday (if they want). So unfair :(

    Vera, hope you have settled nicely in your new crib? Please when is the housewarming party? Kindly send a return ticket in my name so I can make it for the parry :)

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