How Short Is Too Short For Women Over 30?

Sometime last year – can’t believe I’m referring to 2012 as last year – Uzo and I got to talking about clothes, and she mentioned to me that when a woman gets to a certain age, she cannot – should not – wear certain clothes. And of course, this makes sense. Can’t imagine my grandma in short shorts. We got to the issue of skirts because I love skirts. And most of the ones I have are short, though not as short as the one in this post.

According to Uzo, when a woman becomes 30, she should not wear a certain length, and the length of this skirt here is an example. I don’t know how I feel about that. I am not 30 yet, but when I’m 30, I think I’ll still be into short skirts. I wouldn’t wear the one in this picture because it isn’t my style, and it’s probably too short, but that’s just based on my taste, not my age.

When it comes to fashion/style and age, I think that women of a certain age should not over expose their bodies, of course, but I don’t consider a certain kind and length of skirt to be in that group. Take me for example, I don’t like showing my breasts, cleavage, etc. I absolutely love my breasts oh, but I don’t think everyone needs to see them. But for my legs, I don’t mind showing them, and I do so more because I love the outfit than because I want to show legs or be seductive. Seductive? What’s that?

Now, this skirt on the other hand, I love it. And I would absolutely wear it. It’s still short, but it’s a different kind of short. I actually remembered this conversation with Uzo because yesterday I went to the grocery store to buy some bread and milk, and while I was driving out of the parking lot, there was a woman, looked to be in her 40s, bent over the hood of her car. She had on a black mini skirt, knee-high tights and boots. She also had on a black thong, and I knew this because her ass cheeks were completely out.

Men were walking by and gawking. I don’t know how this woman could not have felt that cold air blowing on her bare bottom. See, that kind of outfit is a no-no for any woman, regardless of her age. There’s no reason why everyone should see your bare ass cheeks. And same goes for women who wear low-rise pants. It’s okay if it stays at that perfect place, but if you are endowed, even if just a little bit, you should stay away from them. Or wear the pants with a belt. I’m tired of being assaulted by bare ass cheeks. This is 2013, people! Protect the cheeks.

But I digress. This is about the skirts that 30 year olds should wear – or not wear. What do you think? Can a woman over 30 wear any of the skirts in this post?

Source: Skirt 1: Lace skirt from ASOS  ||| Skirt 2: Skater skirt from ASOS

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  1. anon says

    Errrrrrrr,i have not being here in a come you and Igwe live together as you are unmarried?
    You are a spirit filled xtian and you have being sleeping on the same bed with a man you aren’t married to??#justwondering

    • Funmie says

      Its 2013… Do NOT judge, so that you will NOT be JUDGED!!! sure you know that came from the bible.

      P.s… i had to get this one before you boo (Vera)…. i tried but my lappy and fingers n keyboard n thoughts no gree me.

      Vera, Mehn Christians just PISS me off a LOT lately, because we are xtains does not freaking isolate us from the world you know. Like the other day, i put up a comment about being excited about sales at the mall, then my “christain” cousin from Naija responds about she sees that i am enjoying the season but that i shouldnt forget that * lemme go find her exact words biko^

      Oya i;m back…. i put up a pic of a bunch of BBW lotion n body wash and i said “I paid $22.92 for all of these *cheesing* #okbye””

      and she said “Funmi special, u must really b enjoying d season. Don’t 4get man shall not live by bread alone…, so try n also get food 4 ur spirit man cos I guess some of those will also fall in price.”

      correlation pls????//

    • says

      Anon, it’s unfortunate that you haven’t been here in a while. But sweetheart, you assume that I am a spirit-filled Christian. And there is something else you have assumed. But that’s by the way. That said, would it have been better if I had just had sex with him (and not slept on the same bed afterward)?

      • Sleekiest says

        Nice comeback Vera, lol. The problem is obviously that you live with him not the premarital sex…if it were the sex God would have personally come down to close some “spirit filled” churches.
        To every one his own, pls remove the log in your eye before pointing out the speck in your neighbor’s.

        • says

          My dear, na so I see am oh! I didn’t know what else to say to Anon. It doesn’t make sense that sleeping on the same bed with him is the problem when I’ve obviously done a lot more. Oh, well. Happy New Year, dear.

    • Dudu says

      I just came across the talk about Omoba that is trending right now. I feel that it is in bad taste to bring up somebody’s issues especially without due consideration to the woman that he is with currently or even the child they share. He did you wrong, keep it moving(not easy, I know) and let God judge. Don’t go around slashing tires, or in this case, mentioning his name and business online. The women themselves may not be innocent of doing wrong at one point in their lives(we all aren’t). Men give clues as to who they are and women need to take those clues, I sure for one have ignored some and had to deal with the aftermath.
      The reason I bring this up on this specific thread is because I see the blog writer and visitors commenting on people not judging her, or forcing abstinence down her throat, sin is sin and all that……well if you feel that you should not be judged, don’t judge others, you are condemning the man for sleeping around but turn around and defend yourself for what you were called out on.
      I am not defending anyone’s actions at all. I do not condone what he is doing or the actions of other men in the same boat and I also do not believe in premarital sex either. When you step into a position to question a person’s character and actions, be ready to accept criticism personally.
      I hope I do not come off as harsh either, chastise with love and consideration.

      • says

        Dudu, you’re comparing apples to oranges. And I’m so over this issue, so I won’t even bother. The show trended in Baltimore and in the United States AND the show fulfilled the purpose for which it was done. That’s all that matters. Now, unless Igwe (the man I am proudly sleeping with) wants to discuss our sex life on air, I see no reason to be discussing this.

  2. Ola says

    I’ll be 30 in June *smiles* and I see myself still rocking some outfits. I’d wear the second one of course and the first one if I was skinny enough to pull it off. When you’re past a certain size short skirts and co are just unflattering no matter your age.

    • says

      Yay for 30!!!!

      I’m wondering now if I would wear the first skirt if I was skinny enough, and I don’t know cause I’ve never even been skinny. Have no idea what that feels like. That said, I think there are a lot of things to consider – in addition to your size – like your legs and the style of the skirt, cause not everything is flattering on everyone. And if you shave a booty, that should definitely come into consideration. Booties cost a lot of material to cover, lol.

  3. Pendo says

    Wear whatever you like at whichever age as long as it’s decent and not overly exposed. There are plenty of women over 30 who look five years younger should they be prohibited from wearing what they like on their 25 year old looking body and face? My big sister from another mom is 41 you should see her in a bikini at the beach!19 year old boys be drooling….she has a banging body!!! more toned than some 20 year olds. As for the first anon you are joking right?

  4. says

    Bia! Don’t be quoting me because it is not a complete explanation of the discussion nwa ego!. Being 30 doesn’t mean you can’t wear short things. It depends on the body type of who is wearing it, the type of the skirt, how they style it and how flattering it looks on the person. Beyonce and Victoria Beckham are over 30 and they still wear short skirts or short items casually and it works for them. On the other hand, Fantasia who is less than 30 has worn short items and looks crappy…go figure 😉

    Anyway, I will not wear the first skirt sha, the second skirt looks more like what will work for me. :)

    • says

      You just had to use Fantasia as an example? Lol. Anyhoo, I don’t know what part of the conversation I left out oh! I’m only saying it as I recall it. *shrugs* :-)

    • amydkoko says

      I like that jadore is being more vocal on here, especially the fact that she is being a little sassy. Lol! She’s coming out of her shell. I like that.

  5. A says

    I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules to fashion. Just dress according to your body type and what fits you. Carry yourself with some class and elegance. I am 29, but I look like a 16 year old girl. I just do me.

  6. says

    Abegi…you people need to stop with all this over 30 bullshit. There are women in their 40s and 50s with fabulous bodies that can rock a short skirt. And women in their 20s that should not. It is all about how nice your body is and whether or not a short skirt would flatter your legs. if the answer is no, then don’t wear one.

  7. Anon says

    All these “rules” about u can’t wear this after 30, u cant wear this when u r married, u can’t wear this when you pregnant,… ridiculous. The only rule is there is no rule as long as u take into consideration your enviroment and ur body type. Do you and what looks good on u! Simple.

    • says

      Anon, I especially agree with you on the married front. Some women stop dressing a certain way when they become married, which makes no sense whatsoever. Pregnancy, I don’t think it should be about what you CAN’T wear, but rather about what you should wear (or how you should wear it). Personally, I think that pregnant women are soooooooooo beautiful. I don’t know what it is about pregnant women, but I tend to always admire them. That said, some dress way better that others. Have you seen pregnant women with blouses that are not long enough to cover the bump?

  8. says

    I believe no matter what dressing to suit you body type is the most important and what ur entirely comfortable in. burr me being a “big” lady I wouldn’t torture myself and adorn a short skirt when i kno my ass would prob take half of it up lol!.
    Btw anon who first commented are you for real??i mean i have recently started reading vera’s blog and i think i discovered it through the proposal that was all over the net..burr wu are u to judge really?? do not get me wrong i am not saying its right but everybody’s journey is quite different..I kno someone wu lost her bf cos of “no sex” issue he started dating someone else and he proposed to her in 6 months..Does that mean she shld go against her values no! Everyone has their lives to live and no one is allowed to judge anyone!

    I mean look at gay people at least the prominent ones in entertainment they are usually the most kind hearted,who do not take life too seriously for example Ellen DeGeneres has done alot of charity and even giving gifts out on her show(you that you are christain when last did u go out to give people) I am christain too and i know my faith is against being gay but i wouldnt judge because GOD still wants them to change too.

    As i said everybody’s journey is different so do not judge anyone..The fact that she shares her life with her readers does not mean u shld see it as an opportunity besides she could have taken out those details u kno..burr shes sincere enough to write and say “This is wu i am”

    Ok first time i commented and na epistle lol..

    You can visit me @


    • says


      Thanks a lot for commenting!! I don’t mind epistles at all, so please, feel free to leave as many as you want. Thanks for coming to my defense, too. You’re right; everyone should dress according to what suits them and what they are comfortable with.

      That said, that your friend whose boyfriend left her allegedly because of no sex, I don’t think that’s why he left her. No sensible man would leave a woman that he loves for that; instead, he would continue to cajole her. Buyer probably left because he did not love her, and the girl he married, he loved her. But like I said, that’s for sensible men anyway. There is no proof that he is sensible.

      My reply is an epistle too. Lol.

  9. says

    I think we can all agree on one point premarital sex is wrong, that we live in the modern world does not mean we should imbibe all the liberal theories that if it feels good, then it is ok, thank God Vera is now engaged she is lucky but what is the joy of being newly wed when there is nothing new to discover. I have 2 daughters and i would not want them to have sex or be a live in lover with any man before marriage that is not what God ordained in the begining. Sex or living with a man before marrige is wrong, i repeat it is a sin and no counter theories about removing the log in ones eye can ever make it right. Funmi and vera take note. I wish you the best.

    • says

      Mowo, are you implying that the joy of marriage is virgin sex? You only get to be a virgin once, so once you pop that cherry on your wedding night, there is nothing elsenton “discover.” And to say that that is the joy of marriage is unfortunate for the marriage.

      And please stop saying it’s the “modern” world that is causing this. Shit has been happening since the time of Adam and Eve, and there was no America then. I think you fail to realize that you are a sinner, that’s probably part of the problem here. No sin is actually bigger than the other, so whether you have premarital sex or whether you think evil thoughts, it’s all sin. Romans: 3:23 – ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

      But to answer your question, those of us who dared to have sex before marriage, we actually have other things to discover: new positions! New locations.

      And Madam Funmie, come and take the note that was also left here for you.

  10. says

    Everybody and his/her own personal live. Nobody is in a place to judge, you do whatever you feel is right. Nigerians sha, some of us can form over holy-holy #eyesrolling#

  11. Lola says

    I must say that it is clear that pre-marital sex is not part of God’s will. God created sex as a consignment of marriage between husband and wife, it is supposed to be pleasurable throughout marriage, and can be form of worship when enjoyed between husband and wife!! (Prov. 5:18-23) I’ll be ready to shout hallelujah on my wedding night and every night after;) No matter what way we look at the topic of pre-martial sex, extramarital sex, or any sex that is not between husband and wife it is not God’s will. This said, because a husband and wife wait for sex until marriage this does not wipe away any other iniquities that the couple may have taken part of in the past or present. As everyone has mentioned though, there are various sins people (including me) commit day in and day out. I have to take from Vera and say there is no big sin and there is no small sin, there just happen to be sins that people prefer to point out while others go unacknowledged- by humans not God. This comment is not to condemn, but to bring light to the topic. I pray that God will continue to guide us.

    As far as the skirt length in correlation to age, I am thinking about kindly forwarding some of the comments to some of my aunties! :)

    • says

      Lola, I am completely with you. I don’t believe that premarital sex or any sex between people who are not married is not a sin. It’s a sin, I know. I do not pretend to be holy, but it’s just annoying when people wanna force down the issue of premarital sex down your throat and whey it check their records, you’ll be surprised at the things they have done (and continue to do).

  12. says

    Ermm, it’s hard to remember if this post was about per marital sex or short skirt.
    Wear what suits you. Decency being the watch word. Some skirts are just ridiculous. I don’t see why we should see the butt cheeks of a 10 yr old or that of a 30 yr old.

    Anon: that she lives with her boyfriend or not is her personal business. Just bcos she chose to share tht info doesn’t mean it’s up for debate, it’s not like she sought ur opinion or approval anyway.
    If u feel so strongly about “advising” her (for want of a better word), then send her an email, tho I think a level of closeness should warrant that sort of advice not just bcos u get to comment on her page. In my language we say “na all of us be thief, person wey dem catch na barawo”, in other words, we all have our sins. Ur comment reeks of self righteousness and even that is a sin.

  13. says

    Yeah right there is a way that seemeth right to a man and the end of it is destruction…… Nothing unclean can enter the kingdom of God, those that have ears let them hear.

  14. says

    I don’t try to justify what i know is wrong hey i’m not God let your conscience speak to you like i said earlier i wish you the best.

    • says

      Mowo, you are my reader, and I do not want us to go back and forth. For reading my blog, I love you. For commenting on it, I love you even more. You make my day, honestly. But on this issue of if I’m sexing, who I’m sexing, why I’m sexing, and how many times I’m orgasm-ing, let’s drop it.

  15. ~Sirius~ says

    Oh wow.
    Sex or Skirt…I’m not so sure what the topic is again.
    First on skirt, as long as I have the body to rock a decent mini which I currently do, I will rock it! I’m 30+ mother of one.
    On sex…we all know pre-marital sex is bad. But so is lying, stealing, envy, jealousy and many more. If Vera chooses to live and sleep with her man, it’s between her and her God.
    No one has the right to judge her or anybody else.
    God has said the one thing he wants us to do is love. Biko let us love o! And not judge.

  16. Becky says

    I came across this post because I, a 30 year old, just bought the a mini skirt for the first time in years. I found I had become too conservative as a working mom, but with all the working out I do, and with how great I feel my legs are – why the heck not!?! My size 2 mini skirt came in the mail and it looks great! I run, row, bike, and lift – my legs stay lightly tanned because of all the time spent outside and with noticeable muscle. Now to find the right place to wear it since I am always doing outdoor activities or working….

    • says

      Becky, you go girl!!! Feel free to send me a picture of you in your skirt, so I can show the rest of the readers :) .. I bet you’re giving the ladies a run for their money. And if you don’t find anywhere to wear it, too, create a place. Host an event, if necessary.

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