Highlighting And Contouring: The New Make-Up Fad

Well, technically, it’s not new. It’s been around for a while. However, it just recently gained a lot of popularity. If you’ve seen a drag queen’s make-up, then you’d notice that their face doesn’t look as masculine as regular men. Their faces are not as square or chiseled as the average man, and that’s a lot of times due to highlighting and contouring. Why don’t I stop describing a drag queen’s face and just show you what it looks like.

I want to learn how to highlight and contour my face. I always admire well done makeup. It’s a sight to behold. It’s a form of art that can instantly transform a person’s look, and all of a sudden, you begin to notice things about a person that you did not know before. I don’t agree that makeup is for ugly people or people with low self esteem. I ¬†believe that makeup enhances what’s already there and conceals what you don’t want to be there. Example, if you have troubled skin and you have a good makeup artist, no one would ever know. A lot of the people we see on television an din magazines have troubled skin, but we never know because of all the makeup and Photoshop.

Areas to highlight & contour (source: Drugstore Princess)

Areas to highlight & contour (source: Drugstore Princess)

The picture above shows you the areas to highlight and contour. The light places are where you highlight with your light concealer, and the dark places are where you contour with the dark concealer. When I do find products I like, I’ll be sure to share them. I’ll make a conscious effort to include more beauty posts. Let’s all get beautifuller together. No?

Anyway, I like playing in makeup. When I get bored, I give myself a full face makeup. I’m going to be trying this highlighting and contouring thing. I’m first going to buy two concealers: a light one and a dark one. And then, practice, practice, practice. It was the same way I used to practice my brows. I’m not yet perfect, but I’m better than before. If you’re interested, here are some videos below.

The first one is from Shayla, a makeup artist that I follow and admire. I like her version better because it’s easier and not as complicated, and it’s about 6 minutes long. The second one is more detailed and complex. It’s by Carli and it has over 2 million views, but it’s too much for me. Too many things to apply, and too many brushes to use. ¬†Watch and learn.

Please highlight and contour safely! Look at yourself in a real mirror before you step out of your house. One of my fears of makeup is going out looking like a two year old played on my face while I was asleep.

P.S. If you do already know how to highlight and contour, or if you’re just a makeup genius, feel free to send me your pictures. I’ll blog about them.


  1. says

    Choi! Too much work for me, biko! The first lady had me from “what in the world” to “oh I see, so pretty.” Am I going to spend my rushed mornings on this kind of make up? Probably not. Now will I hire a professional to draw on my face for important occasions? A resounding yes. Thing is, hugging people will become a problem…especially if they have their whites on. Lol

    • says

      Lol. Totally understandable. It looks like something that takes a minute to accomplish, especially that second video. But I guess after you do it for a while, you’ll become more efficient at doing it. That said, I don’t intend to do this everyday. Shoot, not even every week. I’m looking forward to starting my practice.

  2. Manny says

    I love makeup, truly I do but when I see some before and after pictures of some Naija brides, I feel like shouting 419. Personally, I think I would feel fraudulent looking nothing like myself all because of makeup.

    • says

      Lool! Well, look at it this way, Manny. I think every woman wants to look stunning everyday, especially on her wedding day. But not every woman can afford to do it everyday, whether due to financial constraints, time constraints, or lack of the skills to do so. On her wedding day, though, she looks the way she wants to look everyday. When I see those kinds of extreme makeovers you’re speaking of, I get excited at the difference, and I hope that they can keep it up after the wedding.

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