Calling All Bra Designers: You Need To Do Better By Us

I love my breasts. I really do. I have no intention of altering them in anyway. When you’re err endowed in the breast department, then you’ll really understand how a bra affects your look. If you have itty  bitty breasts, it may not make a big difference what bra you’re wearing (unless it’s a push up), but for people like us, bras matter. When I was younger, I was into the plunging neckline. The more cleavage I showed, the better. But for some reason now, I’m not into that anymore. I am uncomfortable with having my breasts on display for the whole world to see. And I don’t like having anything that I have to tug at. Now, that doesn’t mean that I will never again wear something that reveals some cleavage (of course, I will!); it just means that it won’t be an everyday, everywhere thing. And there are levels to the cleavage display.

That said, no matter what look I’m going for, the bra matters. Do I want a t-shirt bra? Do I want the smooth-back bra? Do I want a push up bra? A strapless bra? A lace bra? No underwire bra? Something colorful? Something very sexy? I went to Macy’s the other day, and I was heart broken.


Excuse me, bra designers, where’s the color? Where’s the sexy? Where’s the fierce?  We do not want to wear bras that look like they were made for grandmas. What girl in her twenties (or even fifties) wants this many neutral colors in her bras? Nudes, browns, blacks, and whites? Are you for freakin’ real? It’s not just that the bras are in hideous colors, but also that they are not even sexy. I want a bra that I would stop to look at in the mirror. I want to abandon what I’m doing and go to the bathroom, just to raise my blouse and admire my bra. Is that too much to ask? When it comes to checking myself out, I’m a little vain

I have to call out all the popular bra designers at Macy’s: Bali, Maidenform, Lilyette, Vanity Fair, Barely There, etc. Where are your pretty bras? Where are your colors? Purple, yellow, red, pink, green, blue, etc? I want to find hot bras and blog about them. Maybe you have them at some other store, but they sure weren’t at Macy’s the day I went there. There were two categories of bras: neutrals that had a nice fit and colorful bras that fit horribly. It was a lose-lose.  I demand a win-win

And this doesn’t apply only to the bra designers I mentioned above. It applies to all of the bra designers beyond Macy’s. Bras matter. I want new bras, and I am not willing to settle. Settling is how I ended up with a closet full of clothes I don’t want to wear. Never again.


  1. Chill escape says

    Nne I an well endowed like you and in love with the gift of boobs. Since I discovered lane Bryant I have NOT looked back. Lane Bryant cacique is the home of sexy bras for women like us. A trial will convince you.

    • Ibukun says

      Chill escape….I totally agree with you. Lane Bryant has hawt sexy bras for all we endowed ladies. As in if I want to match up my lingerie from red to peach color, I know I can always rely on Lane Bryant. More amazing thing is that they are not pricey at all, and they always have awesome sales from buy 1 and get 1 half off, or buy two and get the third one free.
      LOL!!! Now I sound like one of their marketing personnel. But seriously Vera I thought all hope were lost until Lane Bryant….3yrs and counting. Other bra designers should take page out of their design books.

  2. Funmie says

    Jcpenny… u can never loose.

    The thought of shopping at Lane Bryant is making me think that i’m Phat… but we all know that i am just fabulously thick (whatever that means)

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