Best Dressed Woman Of 2013: Kerry Washington

I’ve always loved Kerry Washington, but we cannot deny that Scandal has done even so much more for her reputation. If you did not know her before, then you definitely know her now. If you don’t know she’s Kerry Washington, then you know that she is Olivia Pope. Whether as Kerry Washington or as Olivia Pope, she’s got some break-necking style — which is why People Magazine has named her the best dressed woman of 2013. Now, I won’t lie to you and tell you that I absolutely love everything she wears, but most times, I love her style.

Kerry Washington

What do you think about Kerry’s style?

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Source: People Magazine


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      Joxy, did you ever watch Save The Last Dance? She was in there as the guy’s brother. Can’t remember their names now. But it’s very easy to forget that she was in there anyway. Just like Fitz was on Fraiser for a while as Ross’s garbage picker boyfriend. Just saw the episode the other day and was like wwwwhhhhaaaatttt!

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