Profile-June-20th-20151.  I love your blog! Do you accept guest posts? Unfortunately, at this time, I do not accept guest posts. But it is something I’m working on.

2.  What kind of topics do you speak on? Following your passion, perseverance, blogging and social media, personal branding, African representation in the media, African and African American cultural tensions, gender inequality in the African community, resilience, and relationships.

3.  What kind of events do you host? Whatever kind you want me to host. Almost.

4.  What kind of advertising options do you offer on your blog? I offer quite a number of options, and they are very, very affordable. Check out my advertising page.

5.  I have something I want you to review. What next? To have me review anything, please contact me first, then we’ll go from there.

6.  May I send you a press release about an awesome event/organization?  No, you may not. I do not accept, respond to, or publish press releases. Unless of course, you are sending it in as a sponsored post. This changes everything.

7.      Are you Igbo or middle-belt Nigerian? Quite Igbo actually.

8.  Are you willing to travel out of State or Country to host an event or speak at an event? Yes, absolutely.

9.  So I hear you were born in Russia. Why??? Was it a mistake? Why, because people get born in Russia, too – yes, even Nigerian people. No, it was not a mistake. My parents actually deliberately had sex without condoms, and then, went ahead to deliver me there. They lived there at the time. No, they were not illegal residents.

10.  Why are you so crazy, Vera? Honestly, I don’t know. I suspect it has something to do with my mom falling off the bus in London when she was pregnant with me.