1.      I love your blog! Do you accept guest posts? Unfortunately, at this time, I do not accept guest posts. But it is something I’m working on.

2.      What kind of events do you host and MC? Whatever kind you want me to host and MC.

3.      How do I listen to and participate in your show? My show – The Verastic Show – airs every Saturday from 12pm Eastern Time to 2pm Eastern Time (5pm to 7pm Nigerian Time) on www.gidilounge.fm To participate, call 1.866.566.4434 or call Gidilounge via Skype.

Alternatively, you can download the free Gidilounge mobile apps for your Blackberry, Android, and iOS. For Blackberry, go to http://bit.ly/gidiloungeapp in your Blackberry browser, and download from there. For Android, visit the Play Store, and for iOS, visit the App Store.

4.      OMG, I love your show! I wanna co-host. What do I do? E-mail me – radio@verastic.com – and let’s take it from there.

5.      What kind of advertising options do you offer on your blog? I offer quite a number of options, and they are very, very affordable. Check out my advertising page, and then contact me.

6.      What about your show? Can I advertise on it? Yes, you may. And I hope you do. Contact me, and we can talk some more.

7.      I have something I want you to review. What next? And how much do you charge? To have me review anything, please contact me first. The price depends on the kind of review. [Books are free to review].

8.      I’m an artist. May I send my song for you to share with your readers? This blog is first and foremost a personal blog, so in order for me to upload your song, I have to have something personal related to it. If I accept your song, I have to accept the next person’s song, too. Fortunately, there are other sites and blogs that will better  serve you. But you’re welcome to send it in as a sponsored post.

9.      May I send you a press release about an awesome event/organization?  No, you may not. I do not accept or respond to press releases. Unless of course, you are sending it in as a sponsored post. This changes everything.

10.      I added you on Facebook a long time ago, and you have still refused to accept my friend request. What’s up with that? I’m sorry about that. Unfortunately, I have reached – and miraculously surpassed – my friends limit. The good news is that I have a Like Page that is even more active. Like my page, and let the party start.

11.      Are you Igbo or middle-belt Nigerian? Quite Igbo actually.

12.  How old are you, Vera? Like my Facebook profile says, I was born on January 14th 1940. You do the math.

13.  So I hear you were born in Russia. Why??? Was it a mistake? Why, because people get born in Russia, too – yes, even Nigerian people. No, it was not a mistake. My parents actually deliberately had sex without condoms, and then, went ahead to deliver me there. They lived there at the time. No, they were not illegal residents.

14.  Why are you so crazy, Vera? Honestly, I don’t know. I suspect it has something to do with my mom falling off the bus in London when she was pregnant with me.