This Feminist Blogger Baked Bread With Yeast From Her Vagina


It keeps getting crazier and crazier, I tell you. Yesterday, I read this article on Mashable about a queer, feminist blogger who baked bread with the yeast of her vagina. She got the yeast from her vagina by inserting a dildo inside it and scraping the yeast off the dildo. Disgusted yet? So in case you have been wondering what else you could do with your vaginal yeast, here you go. I'm not even going to link to her blog, but you can read the Mashable article here, if you want. When I Continue Reading

Ada Verastic Is One Month Old + My Life Now

Look at my baby!

Ada Verastic is a month old already. Can you believe it? Neither can I! She turned one month on Friday and a couple days before, we went to see her doctor for her one month check up. I thought she would go there and display for the doctor by crying like we're pinching her - the way she usually does at home - but nope, she was a total angel. The doctor was so impressed by how quiet she was. I told her not to be impressed oh because Ada Verastic was merely putting on an award winning performance. Continue Reading

When It Comes To The Future, One Has To Plan Realistically


When I was younger, my mom taught me so many times to save, save, save. When aunties and uncles and other relatives would give me money for whatever, my mom never let me spend everything. Piggy banks were rampant in my house. I always had one and it gave me great pleasure to stuff money in it. As I type this right now, I still own a piggy bank, although these days I fill it up with pennies. When we came to America, I continued my habit of saving, and there was no time my savings did not come in Continue Reading

All Hail The Chocolate Chip Cookie!


If I was a character on Sesame Street, I'd definitely be the Cookie Monster, so it's not by coincidence that I saved the cookie post for last. I am the girl who goes to the grocery store and randomly scans the cookie aisle looking for new cookies to explore. Sometimes, I explore biscuits because they remind me of Nigeria, and the sound of biscuits just make me feel sophisticated. But let me tell you about this Fiber One Chocolate Chip Cookie. First of all, you should know that before America, Continue Reading



Remember the show I told you about a while ago - GRANDFATHERED? Well, it's here! To be precise, GRANDFATHERED airs every Tuesday at 8/7c on FOX starting tonight! Mark your calendar. I attended the show at #BlogHer15 where we got to watch the full first episode, and I loved it. I even got to take a picture with Josh Peck. GRANDFATHERED (Creator/Writer, Daniel Chun; Director/Executive Producer, Chris Koch; Executive Producer, Dan Fogelman) is a sophisticated show about Jimmy Continue Reading

3 Simple Hair Hacks For Any Kind Of Hair


My dream hair is the one that I never, ever, EVER have to touch and yet it stays fabulous 100% of the time. I'd also like to imagine a new hairstyle and have it magically appear on my head. Alas, that is not possible. Yet. So, for now, I have devised a plan. Well, three plans hacks. These hacks have been a tremendous help to me and my peace of mind: 1. Just let your hair be: It's really tempting to dye it today, flatten it tomorrow, trim it next tomorrow, and braid it on the fourth day. Continue Reading

What Are Your Actual Thoughts On Abortion?


I woke up on Sunday morning and read an article on Huffington Post (that I now cannot find) about late term abortion. Recently, abortions - especially late term abortions - have been popular in the news. If you had asked me eons ago how I felt about abortion, I would have been very quick to give you an answer. I would have said, it's a sin ... don't do it ... it's murder ... I would never do it. And if you had asked me how I felt about late term abortion, I would have said very, very quickly Continue Reading

How To Manage Your Weight Deliciously

Fiber One Cinnamon Coffee Cake

I know, I know, weight management and delicious don't usually appear in the same sentence, but trust me, they can. Sometimes, the words 'weight management' send shivers down our spine because what is that all about anyway? I don't know about you, but for me, I just want to eat and enjoy the food without having a mental fight about how many calories the food is and how long it will take me to walk it off. A while ago, I told you about the strawberry cheesecake bars from FiberOne, but I did Continue Reading

Hunger Is Us. All Of Us.


I have never seen anyone coming to America and thinking that there is something as ludicrous as hunger in America. America, the land of milk and honey? No way. Everyone is happy and well fed here. And that's exactly what I thought too. I thought that everything was great here. I'll never forget that day I saw my former high school mate begging on the street. It's an image and an experience that I am yet to forget. He was all American. Not a naturalized citizen, but a born one, from two Continue Reading

I Finally Launched My Business

Thank You

I told you briefly about this in my July journal, but now, I'll tell you more. Something wonderful and amazing happened to me at the Prudential Panel at the BlogHer15 conference. Before the panel started, I was a nervous wreck, as I always am when I'm about to speak in front of people. But it's a good kind of nervous wreck, I think. I do not go into a panic attack, nor do I pass out or just bolt. But I'm nervous about sitting or standing there with everyone looking at me. What if I make a Continue Reading