TV Show To Watch: Black-ish On abc


Black-ish is a new comedy series on abc. I first found out about it long before it came on. The show stars a Black family with four children. The parents are played by Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. It's a 30 minute comedy that airs every Wednesday at 9:30 PM EST. Black-ish is about a couple struggling to raise their Black children as ---- yes, Black children. They live in the suburbs, are upper middle class, and just don't have the same Black culture/lifestyle that they had Continue Reading

In Case You’ve Lost Track Of All The Recent Celebrity Divorces

Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo

I know that celebrities are always separating and divorcing, but for some reason, it feels like, there has just been so many separations and divorces recently. Usually, we hear about one divorce/separation, and then we have a couple months to talk about it before the next one, but now there are too many being talked about. I can't even put a post for each one. So in no particular order, here are the recent divorces and separations that I know of/remember. 1.  Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey: Continue Reading

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Have Officially Had My First Laser Treatment


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ideal Image. All opinions are 100% mine. Remember last week when I told you that I'll be getting a laser treatment? I bet you thought I was joking. Well, I wasn't. I got it done on October 4th. It was a Saturday morning and my appointment was at 9:30 AM. I got there about 10 minutes early. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to fill out the medical history form. Jacqueline was there to welcome me. I met her during my free Continue Reading

Ladies, How Do You Grow Your Hair?


From the moment I started consciously reading more about natural hair and growing it and maintaining it, I have been hearing about Hairfinity. Outside of the blogosphere, people who know I'm a blogger continue to ask me what I think about Hairfinity. Just to be clear, Hairfinity isn't only for natural hair. For those who have never heard of or don't know enough about Hairfinity, Hairfinity is a nutritional supplement formulated with essential nutrients for healthy hair. This hair Continue Reading

Guess Who’s Getting A Laser Treatment For Her Bikini? This Girl!!!

The treatment room

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ideal Image. All opinions are 100% mine. Remember when I put up the post about wanting to get the laser treatment from Ideal Image for my bikini? I bet you thought I was just joking, right? Well, I wasn't. It's set up, and I'm doing the darn thing. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I've never had a laser treatment before, but I am looking forward to the final result. There are two things that scare me most: (1) What kind of Continue Reading

George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin Need A Lesson On Weddings

George Clooney and Alma Alamuddin

It's been called the "wedding of the year" for good reason. The most eligible bachelor - who has also openly stated that he doesn't ever want to be married - actually met a woman that he couldn't leave. Their wedding was in Venice this past weekend with about 90 guests. Amal looked absolutely beautiful in all her dresses (perhaps a separate post about her outfits), and George Clooney wore custon Georgia Armani. Yes, he looked good, but it was all about the bride.   That being Continue Reading

iCook: Pasta With Johnsonville Smoked Brats (Fall Comfort Food)

Really up close and personal: Pasta With Johnsonville Smoked Brats.

What kind of food do you think of when you hear fall comfort food? I think of cheese, soup, tomatoes, maybe bread, but all definitely warm. Or hot. I blogged about using Johnsonville sausages before, but in that post, I cook some [fried] stew with sausages, instead of the more traditional goat meat, beef, or chicken. And in that post, I used the Andouille sausage instead. Well, it's a new day, and fall is a-coming. My original thought was to cook some hearty vegetable soup and switch out the Continue Reading

It’s Friday, But Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!


Did you watch television yesterday? No, really, did you??? Specifically, did you watch abc at 9:00 PM --- or 8:00 PM, if you're about that life? Yesterday was fire on abc. It started with Grey's Anatomy at 8:00 PM. I can't tell you how great the show is because I don't follow it. I know it's great, and I know the general story line, but I have missed so much of it that I don't know how to start it now. But at 9:00 PM, my BFF Kerry Washington came back as Olivia Pope on Scandal. I'm Continue Reading

Do They Look Alike … Or Am I Tripping?


The other day I was watching television and this Black guy was on it talking about the Ravens game. I did not hear a word he said. As soon as I saw his face, all I thought about was the chocolate M&Ms. She's female, but she's still brown and bald ... and she wears glasses, too. Could they be related? I need to contact M&M's to tell them that I found the brown M&M's brother. Maybe now Geico will insure her? I watch a lot of commercials (and enjoy them). Can you tell? P.S. I Continue Reading

Have You Seen Half Of A Yellow Sun?

Thandie Newton (41) and Anika Noni Rose (42). Beautiful!

So last week, we heard on Twitter that Half Of A Yellow Sun is now available on Starz. We watched it immediately. I haven't read the book yet, but it's been sitting in my bookshelf for years. My mom even took it and read it before me. She loved it. I can't say for sure why I haven't read the book. I think it's partly because I know that it's about the Biafran war, and I am afraid to confront the truth, even if it's just in a fictional novel. I'm a huge fan of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and I Continue Reading