When I Close My Eyes, This Is What I Dream

Dream Board Prudential Women Inspired

Before I was a blogger, I was first an aspiring author, and before I was an aspiring author, I was first a writer. I am still all of these things. So, naturally, when I got the opportunity to work with Prudential and think about my goals, I did it in words. Because my words are what I have. I often wonder if a person ever gets to a point in their life where they feel like they have accomplished every single thing they have ever dreamed of and life is now perfect, just as they dreamed it would Continue Reading

Can Autotrader Make My Drive Drivetastic?

Volkswagen Beetle Bug from Auto

Ladies and gentlemen, this past Sunday in church, Igwe and I were just stepping out of the car in the parking lot when I noticed another couple parked two cars from us also stepping out of their car. It was not really the couple that got my attention; it was their car! They had a sky blue Volkswagen Beetle Bug. Oh. My. God. Like Stannis Baratheon, I'm a practical person (although I wouldn't sacrifice my son for the throne). If you don't know who Stannis Baratheon is, then we need to Continue Reading

What Do You Think Of When You Hear Monistat?

Stay Fresh Gel from Monistat

If you're like me, then you think of yeast infections. Because after all, when it comes to the treatment of yeast infections, Monistat® is all I ever hear of. You wouldn't be wrong in thinking of yeast infections, but you'd be selling yourself short. Monistat® is much, much more than treatment for yeast infections. With the Monistat® Complete Care™ line, it now also offers a product that helps eliminate... *drum roll* feminine odor. I know, I know. Feminine odor is one of those taboo topics, Continue Reading

For All The DOPE Kids Of The 90s


I already talked about the DOPE movie the other day and how it reminds me of my own coming of age. But, but, but can we also talk about the looks in the DOPE movie and how it reminds "us" of our upbringing?  If you grew up in the 90s, you'd watch this movie and have all kinds of flashbacks. And before you know it, you're spotting a skater dress and an accent braid. Oh, and jelly sandals, too. Because why not? And because 90s kids (and style) are the coolest. Although the movie is set in Continue Reading

How To Prepare For A Blog Conference

How to prepare for a blog conference

The other day I typed a whole post about what to pack for a blog conference, and then I realized I should probably first tell you about how to prepare for said blog conference - all the things you should do before you even get to the packing part. After attending one blog conference (by BlogHer), I now think that I have arrived. I even have the audacity to type a whole post about what you should do. Yes, ke! First of all, let me start by saying that a blog conference - or any conference Continue Reading

Armpit Hair Is Now A Movement For Women? No, Thanks

Armpit Hair

Like Igwe always says, the problem with people who start or join movements is that dem don chop belle full (they have eaten to their fill). When you have to go to bed hungry, the last thing on your mind will be whether to grow or shave your armpit hair. What is that??? So, yeah, it's a movement - although not a new one. Women are refusing to shave their pits and they're taking pictures and posting them on social media. Why? Because this progresses the cause for women. And I wonder: how Continue Reading

2015 Summer Is Vera’s Summer To Discover It!

Russia - Verastic

When it comes to travel, photography, and being anal, my mommy is my muse. My mom is a world traveler. She has always loved traveling (and taking pictures everywhere). When she tells me of places she's been to and things she seen and done, I'm always so jealous because I have been a late bloomer. I am still catching up on discovering places, and there is so much to discover! In the United States alone, there are 50 States, and I have been living in one for 15 years. It's not that I am in the Continue Reading

How To Eat Your Cake And Have It Back With Sparking ICE Water


Everyone has some food or drink that they just love. Some people like eating a particular food, and some people like a particular snack, or a particular fruit, or maybe even a particular cocktail. For me, I just always want to drink something sweet, but I don't want to drink all the sugar. And I love the fizz that comes with sodas. So how do I get everything I want and none of anything I don't want? Sparkling ICE waters!I discovered Sparking ICE at Walmart one day. I was busy minding my Continue Reading

Whose Virgin Mother Is This?


Something is wrong with this picture. Well, technically, there's nothing wrong with the picture. It's the description of the person in the picture. Sometimes, you stay home so much that you don't get the memo about how it's now possible to born pikins and still be a virgin.   When I first read it, I tried to justify it by saying that perhaps, the three children are her adopted children, so she never gave birth and possibly never had sex. But the last part says she's hoping to Continue Reading

I’m Inspired By My Future


When I was a child, I had very big dreams. I grew up as an only child, so I never knew what it was like to have siblings. I didn't have competition, and apart from my parents, I didn't really have anyone else to look up to or be inspired by. I wanted so many things. I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to own a clothing store. I wanted to be medical doctor. I wanted to be a fashion designer. I wanted to own several cars, especially a red convertible car. When I used to dream as a child and even as Continue Reading