Verastic Is 9 Years Old – Ask Me ANYTHING

pink balloons

My blog is 9 years old today, y'll! I still don't know what emotion to be feeling right now. One day you're a rookie blogger who has a blog because you want to share the random thoughts in your head and the next thing, your baby blog is 9 years old. My baby is all grown up! Where did all the time go and what have I been blogging about? Amazing. Both I and Verastic have grown so much, and you all have been here to witness it. My life for the past 9 years has literally been chronicled Continue Reading

I Don’t Understand American Pedestrians


When I was little in Nigeria and my parents gave me the lesson about how to cross the road, it seemed like the lesson wouldn't end. Look left, look right, then look left again, then look right and left --- and then again. When I crossed with my parents - my mom especially - she would clutch my wrist as if I was at flight risk and she didn't want me to escape. And even with all the security measures, I wasn't even allowed to cross the road alone, so really, the lessons were pointless. In Continue Reading

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday Girl

Yope. Yope. Yope. Hefery bodi hafta parry ... whoa whoa whoa. It's my birthday today, and I am too happy. As you can see, I even took the time to take pictures! This is something I've never done before. But there's always a first time, and today seems to be a perfect day. If I was still having my party, I would have used pink, black, and white balloons. But since the party won't be happening, I decided that I still deserve to have my balloons. I always put birthday posts for others where Continue Reading

Home Away From Home With Egg Stew

potatoes and egg stew

One thing about being away from home is that any little thing that reminds you of home is an instant cause for celebration, and any time you get together with your fellow "country men," food is a big part of that coming together. In fact, there cannot be a coming together without food. Nigerian food. It's funny because living away from home, I go to American, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and all other kinds of restaurants to eat, and I enjoy their food. When I visit an American (or non Continue Reading

Vera, When Are You Having A Baby?

Baby Bump + Pregnancy

I have been wanting to blog about this for a while, but I couldn't blog about it because I hadn't blogged about our marriage yet. Now that I have [see here], let me tell you the immense and incredible pressure that I and my womb have been under. Before I got married, the pressure was to be married. One mention of a friend or acquaintance getting married, and the next question is, Vera, when are you getting married? When are we going to come and eat your own rice? As if I even promised to serve Continue Reading

Note To The Brands That Want Me To Work For Free

brands + blogging

First of all, I want to express sincere gratitude to the brands that have found me worthy and given me a chance to write about their brands. Thank you. You have done more than buy me new shoes; you have also validated me and given me a ladder to stand upon and to ascend in this career of blogging. For the rest of you brands, however, since this is 2015, I am taking the time to tell you in the beginning of the year that I am not interested in working with you for free or for exchange of your Continue Reading

What Does Church Mean To You?


I was born and raised a Catholic. I even went to a Catholic high school in Nigeria (St. Louis College, Jos). When we moved to America, we continued attending Catholic churches. But I have never been fully invested in the Catholic church. I liked (still like) some of their doctrines, but spiritually, I just wasn't connecting. So here in America, my friend, Uju invited me to a Nigerian church once, and I loved a lot of things about it. It wasn't Catholic, and it was full of people who had names I Continue Reading

But First, Let Me Wish You A Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I planned on putting up a good ol' post, but then I realized that I haven't even said Happy New Year to you yet, and my mommy taught me well about starting sentences without first greeting. She said it's rude. So Happy New Year to you. Thank you for following me into another New Year. It proves that the juju I did on you to keep you reading is working very well. On New Year's Eve, I found a letter that I wrote to myself on December 28th 2013, and on the envelop, I instructed myself to not Continue Reading

Yes To A Fully Customizable Moto X Smart Phone!

Moto X

Who doesn't like things customized? I mean, whatever it is will be customized just the way you like it. Whatever can be customized, I will customize it. I'm sure that for some of us, if we could, we'd customize our jobs, our cars, our houses, and even our friends and spouses. Yes, please! Picture this: pick your husband's hobby (1) Washing dishes, or (2) Doing laundry, (3) Folding/hanging the laundry. I know there are many, many of us who will jump at this customization. But sorry, as far as I Continue Reading

What Is Up With Nigerian Business Owners On Facebook?


So Facebook is a great place to do business --- I suppose. I've never tried to sell anything on Facebook, but if I had something to sell, I'd definitely be selling it there.  I've seen a lot of Nigerian businesses sharing their products and services on Facebook. They show pictures and give fancy descriptions, but every time someone leaves a comment to ask, "How much?" the answer is always the same: check your inbox. Is the price a secret? I would have thought that putting the price out Continue Reading