We Finally Watched Mimi’s & Nikko’s Sex Tape

Mimi and Nikko

Igwe and I started watching Love & Hip Hop a while ago, and I blogged about it HERE. We haven't watched it consecutively since then because for some reason, we just don't usually remember to watch it. I don't know how many episodes we've missed since the blog post, and I know for sure that we have not seen most episodes because we only just started. I'm saying all these to disclaim that I may not have the best or most information about Mimi and Nikko, so if I am wrong, please correct me in Continue Reading

TV Show To Watch: American Greed

American Greed on CNBC

You know how much I love television, right? Well, since I'm always recommending all kinds of shows to people off the blog, I figured I might as well do it here, too. Just in case you're one of those people who would watch everything on television if you could, here's a show you might find interesting. Igwe and I recently discovered American Greed. It's kind of like a documentary. It's an hour long show that tells you details about "great" scammers and fraudsters. It also tells how they Continue Reading

Wedding On Verastic: Tosin & Mohammed

Wedding On Verastic: Tosin & Mohammed

Our Sweet Potato, Tosin has married the love of her life, Mohammed, and she's sharing pictures from her special day with us. This is a picture-heavy post, and I love it. I stared at Tosin's and Mohammed's pictures over and over. They just look so --- so --- real and happy. You know what I mean? I don't want to make this post longer by typing on and on, so let's just read their story, in Tosin's words. We had our Introduction in November 2013 before he Proposed (which is outside the norm and was Continue Reading

Botox Is Your Best Bet For Getting Rid Of The Look Of Wrinkles

Thinking Woman

If you keep up with new developments in the world of beauty products and anti-aging treatments – or even if you’re simply someone who casually leafs through celebrity magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store – there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Botox. But despite having some idea about what it is, you may still have some questions – especially if you yourself are interested in fighting back against the detrimental effects time can have on your skin. Questions like: Is Botox for Continue Reading

Father Involved In Son’s Hot Car Death: Guilty Or Not?

Justin Ross Harris (Image source:

Have you been following this case? It's the case of 33 year old Justin Ross Harris who left his 22 month old toddler son, Cooper in the hot car (temperature was in the 90s) for 7 hours while he went to work at Home Depot. His son died. It happened in Marietta, Georgia on June 18th. When I first heard the summary of this case, my first conclusion was that it's very possible for a father to forget his son in his car, just because he's a human being and we are capable of making mistakes. But Continue Reading

Happy 4th Of July — And Other Ramblings

American Flag

  It's 4th of July, y'll! For most people in the world, it's just another day in the month. But for Americans, it's a big day. America's birthday. When I first came to America, I couldn't care less for July 4th. I just enjoyed not having to go to school. Now that I'm older, I have a genuine appreciation for America and all things American - July 4th included. Apart from getting my nails done and having a "cook in" with Igwe, I have no other plans. Now, on to my ramblings. Do you ever Continue Reading

In Other News, Tim Howard Is A Total HOTTIE

Tim Howard

My father would never believe that I am blogging about soccer of all things. Soccer! I had no interest in watching soccer when I was in Nigeria, and when I came here, I had no interest in any sport either. Then Igwe happened. That being said, I want to give special thanks to God for creating the perfection that is Tim Howard. I mean! I watched the match between USA and Portugal and I literally cried when Portugal scored the equalizing goal 30 seconds before end time. Then I decided that I Continue Reading

Blogging Tip: Pay Your Dues

Blogging Tip: Pay Your Dues

Bloggers, show of hands if you'd like to become something from blogging. Whether it's rich, famous, relevant, or all three. Everyone wants this? Well, me, too! There are bloggers who just want to blog for fun and have no interest in monetizing their blogs, but for most of us, we want something out of blogging. For me specifically, I want to be rich and famous. And very, very relevant. I know it's usually funny when I say I want to be rich and famous, but if only you knew how serious I am. Now, I Continue Reading

When It Comes To Penis Size, It’s All About Girth

Image source: Huffington Post

Ladies, there has been another survey. Yes, about penis size. Because let's face it, we're just as obsessed with penises as men as obsessed with breasts. I don't know about you, but when it comes to surveys about penises, I always want to read it. Yeah, what's the latest size "they" say that women like? According to this new study - and who are the people studying this thing sef? - when it comes to one night stands, it's girth that women are more concerned about. In this study, 41 women Continue Reading

To Lupita Nyong’o, With All Kinds Of Love

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita hot-damn Nyong'o! I'll just go straight to the point: congratulations on acquiring the film rights to Chimamanda's book, Americannah. That's the first part of this post. The second part is: when are you going to make the movie, and what will be my part in it?  Let me confess: I am yet to read the book. It's very strange that I have not read it considering that the book is about a blogger AND I'll read anything Chimamanda writes. I'll buy the alphabets if Chimamanda writes them. Continue Reading