If Balaam Was Nigerian (And His Donkey Talked)

Balaam's donkey

Igwe and I are still reading the bible and trying to know God better. Currently, we're in the first book of Samuel. We have not gone as far as we should have because for a couple of weeks, we slacked. I cannot speak for Igwe, but for me, I wish I was a better child of God. I'm disappointed in how many times I dishonor Him in a day. But for now, let's focus on the humor I find in the bible. I especially love comparing some of these stories to the characters being Nigerian. Today, we're looking at Continue Reading

Rude Party Guest — Or Was I Overreacting?

The napkin, her clutch, and some of her many bobby pins

This is something that happened at this year's BlogHer conference. I just kind of forgot to blog about it. On the first day (Thursday), that was when the ice-breaking parties happened in the evening. For me, the first conference day is usually just for fun and nothing serious. Anyway, I attended one of the parties of that night, which was the Multi-Culti party. It's supposed to celebrate influencers of different cultures. I got there about an hour after it started and I didn't know anyone Continue Reading

I’m Not A Doctor, And Daddy Isn’t Over It Yet


Both of my parents are medical doctors, and I am very proud of them. Not only did they go to medical school, but they also did it in a foreign land and in a foreign language (Russia/Russian). I took Microbiology, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology I and II in college and it was no walk in the park --- and it was all in English, although it often felt like Latin. So for my parents, I salute them. Oh, and they both did it on scholarships - something they never fail to remind me. When I was Continue Reading

Journal #7: July 2015


Welcome to August.   I was anxiously waiting for July to be over, so I'd be able to gist you about it. July was quite exciting for me. Apart from the heat, which has been a thorn in my flesh, I'd say that July has been a pretty darn good month. Speaking of July - AKA the hottest month of the summer - my air conditioner wasn't working properly and I didn't know it. We were both hot and sweating, but we both thought it wasn't maintaining the cool temperature because it was so hot Continue Reading

Let Me Tell You About The Nigerian Girl I Met On The Empty Chair

Image source: NY Magazine

Four days ago, NY Magazine published a post with a powerful picture: a picture of 35 women, all Bill Cosby's accusers and an empty chair. Depending on who is looking at it, the empty chair could mean so many things. It could stand for the woman who is afraid to speak --- or the woman who cannot even speak --- or the woman who is yet to come out with her story. Or something else. First of all, I'm one of the people who was doubtful about the women who accused Bill Cosby of rape. I did not Continue Reading

BlogHer15 Recap: My Best Blog Conference Yet


Considering that this is only my second conference, I know it's hard to explain, but let me try to explain. First, let me tell you about last year's conference. Let me tell you the difference between Vera circa 2014 and Vera circa 2015: Circa 2014: When I went to the BlogHer14 conference last year, it was my first time and I did not know what to expect. At all. I did not have any friends or acquaintances, and I did not know if I would even make any friends. I went there with a ton of business Continue Reading

iCook: Epic Chin Chin Fail

Nigerian Chin Chin

It's been a while I did one of these food posts. I was craving chin chin the other day and I decided to make some (my very first time ever). Let me rewind: Igwe and I attended a Nigerian-Cameroonian wedding on Thursday, July 2nd in Columbia, Maryland. I did not eat any food there, but I did eat the chin chin like it was going out of style. It was sweet and soft but crunchy, just the way I like it. It was not the kind of crunchy that would give you a surprise root canal. So I ate and ate with Continue Reading

Vera Goes To New York, New York (For The BlogHer Conference)

What to pack for a blog conference

It's that time again!!! As you read this, I might already be in New York for the BlogHer (BlogHer15) Blog Conference. Last year was my first time, and I'm going again this year. This year, though, is already different from last year. For starters, I'm not as clueless as I was last year. Secondly, this feels like I'm going on a vacation where I get to work at the same time. Honestly, I regret that I don't have a close blogger friend to tag along for these things. Solachi, Uju, and Funmie have Continue Reading

Journal #6: June 2015


Welcome to July. I almost forgot to type a journal for June. The end of June just came too fast, but it's all good. My June consisted of some very hot days. Literally hot! I live on the third floor, and heat does not go well with third floors in the summer. For reasons beyond the heat, I am desperately and eagerly looking forward to Fall. Nice weather, burnt orange and ruby red trees, among many other things. I spent a lot of time thinking about Verastic in June. I have been blogging Continue Reading

Top 9 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Detest Homosexuality

Top 9 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Detest Homosexuality

Long before America made gay marriage legal across the country, Nigerians have always detested the entire concept of same-sex marriage and sex, and have always looked at America suspiciously for allowing it. It's not as if America is the only country where gay people exist, and even within Nigeria itself, there are gay people, but Nigerians do not wear it like a badge of honor because it is in fact a detestable thing. How can a man be attracted to a fellow man? But there are many valid reasons Continue Reading