Verastic Is 9 Years Old – Ask Me ANYTHING

pink balloons

My blog is 9 years old today, y'll! I still don't know what emotion to be feeling right now. One day you're a rookie blogger who has a blog because you want to share the random thoughts in your head and the next thing, your baby blog is 9 years old. My baby is all grown up! Where did all the time go and what have I been blogging about? Amazing. Both I and Verastic have grown so much, and you all have been here to witness it. My life for the past 9 years has literally been chronicled Continue Reading

When Did It Become Uncool To Use Sony Laptops?

Sony VAIO laptops discontinued

Or has it always been uncool and I just didn't know? Blame it on my parents who swear up and down that the best electronic company is Sony. With the exception of our JVC record player, every other entertainment equipment in our house in Jos is a Sony: television, DVD player, etc. My first laptop ever was a Compaq (are they still in business? Didn't they get bought by another company?). After that, my mommy bought me a white Sony laptop, which I loved. Now I'm using my second Sony laptop, Continue Reading

Who Needs A Baby When You Have A Husband?


My Igwe has been "sick," and he's not been afraid to tell me. He's been huffing and puffing and trying to tear his nose off his face. In fact, if he sneezes one more time, his nose might just fall off. Let me tell you all about it. On Sunday morning, we didn't go to church because Igwe was feeling worse than he was the previous day, so we rushed off to Patient First. Patient First is like the emergency room ... it takes forever. So after sitting there for hours, Igwe finally had a diagnosis: Continue Reading

About My Birthday (And What I Wore)


First, thank you so much for all the birthday love! I am so very grateful. You guys are the best, walahi. Now, let me tell you how my birthday went. This year, I decided to take pictures for my birthday because I had never done so before. So we took the pictures on Sunday (January 11th 2015), but we didn't calculate our moves very well. We went out there (Downtown Baltimore) all confidently like we we had our weather destiny in our hands. Wrong. It was so freaking cold! And to make it worse, it Continue Reading

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday Girl

Yope. Yope. Yope. Hefery bodi hafta parry ... whoa whoa whoa. It's my birthday today, and I am too happy. As you can see, I even took the time to take pictures! This is something I've never done before. But there's always a first time, and today seems to be a perfect day. If I was still having my party, I would have used pink, black, and white balloons. But since the party won't be happening, I decided that I still deserve to have my balloons. I always put birthday posts for others where Continue Reading

What Does Church Mean To You?


I was born and raised a Catholic. I even went to a Catholic high school in Nigeria (St. Louis College, Jos). When we moved to America, we continued attending Catholic churches. But I have never been fully invested in the Catholic church. I liked (still like) some of their doctrines, but spiritually, I just wasn't connecting. So here in America, my friend, Uju invited me to a Nigerian church once, and I loved a lot of things about it. It wasn't Catholic, and it was full of people who had names I Continue Reading

But First, Let Me Wish You A Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I planned on putting up a good ol' post, but then I realized that I haven't even said Happy New Year to you yet, and my mommy taught me well about starting sentences without first greeting. She said it's rude. So Happy New Year to you. Thank you for following me into another New Year. It proves that the juju I did on you to keep you reading is working very well. On New Year's Eve, I found a letter that I wrote to myself on December 28th 2013, and on the envelop, I instructed myself to not Continue Reading

2014: My Year Of Favor


I've probably told this story on here before, but I'll tell it again. In maybe 2008, I started attending a Redeemed church here in Baltimore. It was my first time ever regularly attending a church that wasn't Catholic. I was born and raised Catholic. That year, the Pastor declared the next year the year of Joy Unspeakable. So 2009 came, and naturally, I expected joy unspeakable, but I got anything but that. That was my year of graduation, but I thought I wouldn't make it because I didn't have Continue Reading

My Birthday Wish List For 2015 Is Here!

Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

Because I know that you have been desperately waiting for me to release my birthday wish list for 2015. I know you have been having sleepless nights and refusing to eat, drink, or breathe because you have been wondering, what on earth does Vera want for her birthday? Worry no more, the list is here. My birthday is coming up soon, on Wednesday, January 14th 2015. I was going to have a nice birthday party. I already booked the photographer and the DJ, and I made a payment for the hall. It was Continue Reading

Merry Christmas To You And Yours

merry christmas

Sweet Potatoes!! Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your hearts be filled with joy on this precious day. I'm not doing anything today, apart from going to church at 11:00 AM and going to deliver gifts to my family later in the day. Yesterday we went to church for a Christmas Day service, and it was beautiful as usual. However, this is the best Christmas I have had in a very long time. It's not because of what's happening, but because of what isn't happening, and I am so very grateful Continue Reading