Caution: Igwe & I Made A Video

Me and Igwe

Igwe and I made a video - our very first one. Well, technically, it's not the first one because we have our proposal video - although that one wasn't anything like this one. This one is a video we made at home to promote a brand. It was our first time doing this kind of video. I have gotten opportunities to do videos in the past, but I have always declined because I just didn't even know where to start. But there's always a first time. And now that I have done this first one, I am now looking Continue Reading

How Not To Ask A Blogger For A Favor

Blogger Tales

I can't say about other media-related jobs/careers, but when it comes to blogging, some people think that all it takes to blog is to wake up, scratch your butt, stroke a few keys on your keyboard, and voila! You're live. Well, no, that is not how it happens. I realize I have said this so many times, but I have to keep saying it. Verastic did not start as a business or a money-making blog, and I did not start out being a pro blogger or even trying to be a pro blogger. I just wanted to write. Continue Reading

It’s Vera vs Her Natural Hair: The Sexy, Curly Braids Edition

Lost hair. All lost.

Late last year, I wore my wig for a few months, and I did it because I wanted my natural hair to rest. I have told you several times how I have no idea what to do with my natural hair. I watch several videos on YouTube, and I try some of them, but it never ends up like it is in the video. Those people in the videos use some kind of juju, I tell you. But I digress. So I braided my hair in January, a couple days before my birthday, and it was beautiful. This particular kind of braids is my Continue Reading

I Failed. I Failed Woefully.

10 Days Of Selfie

Remember when no one sent me message but I still decided to start a 10-day Instagram selfie challenge? Well, I did it for all of 3 days ... and then, I don't know what happened. Igwe's brother has laughed at me tire. This is exactly what my mommy would call, "Trouble dey sleep, iyanga dey go wake am up." I didn't get the idea for this selfie challenge from anywhere. I didn't do it because I wanted to do what someone else was doing. Nah uh. It's like I just said to myself, "Vera, you've not Continue Reading

The State Of My Love Life – According To This

Bared To You - Sylvia Day

I don't even remember where I saw this thing, but I instantly saved it and promised myself to come back and do it, just to see what the state of my love life is. Who wouldn't want to know? I love doing these things. Now, to be completely honest, I didn't have a book next to me, as I am not currently reading any book (shame on me). I barely have enough time to blog as it is (and let's not even talk about writing my book. Yeah, that project isn't dead - yet), so reading, well, there's no real Continue Reading

Ladies & Gentlemen, There’s Something Wrong With My Face. Apparently.

The face that keeps getting me in trouble

I don't know when this happened, or maybe it's always been there, but I have only just realized it. I have heard this from many, many people, so I'm starting to believe that it's true. Apparently, my face is too expressive. I have been told that I am a snob, and that I look mean and unapproachable. With friends, co-workers, and even recently, with trainers, I keep getting the same thing: my face. Basically, the problem is that I have become unable to hide my lack of interest in a subject Continue Reading

That Time My Mommy Found A Porn DVD In My Bedroom

Consider this picture to be the porn picture placeholder

Of all the awkward situations I'd rather never have with my mother, this is definitely high up there. My friend, Solachi (Busola) got married in 2007. But before she got married, we had a surprise bridal shower for her. At this bridal shower, one of her friends gave her about 3 or 4 porn DVDs to prepare her for marriage (she was a virgin). Out of curiosity, we - Uju, Solachi, and I - decided to watch a couple of them. I remember we watched one in Uju's house, and then somehow, I ended up with Continue Reading

Instagram Challenge: 10 Days Of Selfie


I'm always on Instagram. Most days, I go through most of my time at least once. I love looking at pictures, and I follow a variety of people. I follow people who post about fashion, natural hair, pr, life, blogging, movies, weight loss, and lots and lots of shoes. But the problem is that I barely ever have something to put up on Instagram, and I am jealous of  people who do. I mean, there are people who can post like 10 times in a day, while I can't even think of one post to put up. It's Continue Reading

Being Nigerian: The Burial Fund Edition


About 50% of my job entails meeting people and asking them some very personal questions, as required by the State of Maryland. When I first started at this job, I shadowed people more experienced and learned the trick of the trade. Then there was that first day that I had to run the meeting myself, and I went with my Supervisor. It was a few hours before the meeting that she told me I would be the one running it. All good. The meeting was going fine until I had to ask the person, "Do you have Continue Reading

You Just Have To Forgive Me

I. Am. Sorry

I mean, you have no choice. You just HAVE TO forgive me. For the past month - in fact, since the New Year started, I have not been here totally. I have been playing catch up. My schedule (and entire life even) has recently changed. Why do I feel like I have told you this before? It started in December - to God be the glory, but since then, I have been so involved. By the way, this post might be all over the place. Just a warning. Sometimes I'm typing a post and literally banging my head Continue Reading