About My Birthday (And What I Wore)


First, thank you so much for all the birthday love! I am so very grateful. You guys are the best, walahi. Now, let me tell you how my birthday went. This year, I decided to take pictures for my birthday because I had never done so before. So we took the pictures on Sunday (January 11th 2015), but we didn't calculate our moves very well. We went out there (Downtown Baltimore) all confidently like we we had our weather destiny in our hands. Wrong. It was so freaking cold! And to make it worse, it Continue Reading

What I Wore To Our Wedding Photoshoot

These earrings might be my new favorite. Might be.

If the title of this post is totally confusing to you, it means you didn't read the post about our wedding. Or about our marriage. Or our union. Whatever you want to call it. But the post is here. Please read it. That said, although you have already seen all of what I wore in that post, I just really like doing these posts. I did not have a color code or theme, but I knew that I wanted Igwe to wear all black, and he obliged me. All I knew about my outfit was that I wanted a skirt. Everything Continue Reading

Igwe & I Were Bamboozled At The Mall

Deja Vu Skin care products

So the other day, Igwe and I went to the Towson Mall because we had to go to Macy's for me to return a top and buy it back. The top originally cost $50, but I returned it and bought it for $20. Yes to coupons! We could have gone to Macy's in White Marsh, which is a lot closer to us, but we went to Towson because I wanted to stop at H&M to check for a belt. We were at H&M couple days earlier and I had seen this beautiful belt. I picked it up, then I left it at the cashier, but when I got Continue Reading

Vaseline Cares For Me … And I Have Proof


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vaseline. All opinions are 100% mine. For those of us who live in places where there are seasonal changes, especially winter, we know how rough that can be on our skin (and even hair). For example, right now, my hair cabinet looks like I'm going into a new oil business. I have all kinds of oils in there because I'm trying to care better for my hair. The same thing goes for my skin. The winter is so dry that certain parts of my body just get Continue Reading

What I Wore To Girls’ Night Out


I recently went to girls' night out with Solachi, Funmie, Ibukun, and Tim, but that's not the girls' night out I'm talking about. I had another girls' night out with another group of girls. This one was with my work friends, Lisa, Tasha, Jemela, and Jennifer. Coincidentally, we had it at TGIF, too. No, I didn't pick the venue. As a matter of fact, it's mere coincidence that I have gone to TGIF twice in such short time. It happened on Saturday. We talked about how most of us are pretty much Continue Reading

Gucci Now Has A Cosmetic Line

Gucci Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick-in Tiger Lily

Yup. Gucci has fallen in line and now has a cosmetics line that just launched this month. I personally do not currently own any Gucci item. I think I've had a perfume in the past, but I can't say for sure. Anyway, they have makeup now. I haven't seen the makeup in person, but I went through their eye shadows and lipsticks, and I picked out my favorite colors. By the way, I'm currently having a thing with lipsticks. I used to be a lip gloss girl, but oh, how the tides have turned. The lipstick Continue Reading

Thanks To My Hair, Chinedu Wants My Number


Remember when I went to Faith's wedding? Of course, you remember, the post went up only yesterday. Thank you for the compliments on the hair. I have received so many compliments on and offline. Just yesterday, someone said to me, "Oh, you finally decided to wear your hair down, it's beautiful." She thought it was my natural hair, and I just couldn't break her heart by telling her the truth. Ha! Okay, so my hair was done via crochet braiding, and it was done by my sister-in-law, Nyambe. She's Continue Reading

What I Wore To Faith’s Wedding


This past weekend, I attended Faith's wedding. Faith is a friend that I met in church some years ago, and she's just really sweet. I like her a lot cause my spirit agrees with her. I don't know how else to describe it, but sometimes you meet people and your spirit likes them, too. Faith is one of those people. I think we have an older sister-younger sister understanding, too. Anyway, Faith got married to her love, and Igwe and I were there to witness it. We missed the ceremony, but we made the Continue Reading

Ladies, How Do You Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair?

Ideal Image

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ideal Image. All opinions are 100% mine. I'll always remember when I first started getting rid of the hair on my legs and my mom and aunt were acting like I was taking my organs out of my body. They insisted that leaving the hair was natural beauty, and I obviously thought differently. Coming from my mom, it was funny because the woman is practically hairless, so it was easy for her to say that. My aunt, on the other hand, was truly Continue Reading

Ladies, I Have Discovered A GLOWING Beauty Secret!


Ladies, you know that beauty products make me weak in the knees. I haven't been to a beauty store for a while, and it's not because I don't want to go. No, it's because I DO want to go, but I am afraid of the kind of financial damage I will do to my pocket when I get there. But guess who came a-knocking on my door? Conair!!! I tell you, one day, this blog will have me doing a sleep over at the Obama's. So Conair is currently running a campaign called, Ready, Set, Glow. And the whole point Continue Reading