Do You Use An Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Cream Moisturizer & Night Cream

I remember when I was about 15 or 16 years old and I used to break out. I tried some products, but none of them really made any difference. Plus, I was never really faithful with them. So after a while, I just quit them all. It was years later that I realized that all those blemishes had magically erased themselves.  That's what happens when you're a teenager. I am no longer a teenager, so my skin isn't the same. I do not have a pimple problem, and I do not have wrinkles either, but Continue Reading

Mary Kay® Is Making Me Rethink My Entire Life

Mary Kay Sculpted Look - Open Eyes

A couple years ago - I was about 18 or 19 - my aunt signed up to be a Mary Kay® beauty consultant. It was the funniest thing because she did not wear any makeup, nor did she know how to use it. So guess who started running the business? Me. This is where my love for makeup started. I am no makeup expert, and although I am very comfortable with playing on my face, I'd prefer not to be asked to do anyone else's makeup. It usually turns out good, but I'm not comfortable enough. I'd try it on my own Continue Reading

Giveaway: Monoi Intense Repair Set From Carol’s Daughter

Monoi Intense Repair Set from Carol's Daughter

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again. When I first knew of natural hair care products, Carol's Daughter was the only brand I knew. I remember I used to see it at Macy's, and I was left wondering. Well, guess who now has Carol's Daughter sitting in her shelf and does not have to wonder anymore? And guess who is even doing a giveaway? Yup, this girl! So what is this Monoi Intense Repair Set, and who is it good for? It's for anyone whose hair is damaged, weak, and prone to breakage. Continue Reading

Natural Hair: I’m Over It

Natural Hair

Well, I'm not over having natural hair exactly, but just the cult-like following part. Although there was that one time I was seriously considering cutting and perming my hair. I just wanted something different. At this point, I have thrown my hands up in the air and waved them like I just don't care and surrendered to the gods of natural hair. You win. I quit. See, for me, hair has never been that serious. You know how Black women say they are not their hair? Well, I don't subscribe to that Continue Reading

Armpit Hair Is Now A Movement For Women? No, Thanks

Armpit Hair

Like Igwe always says, the problem with people who start or join movements is that dem don chop belle full (they have eaten to their fill). When you have to go to bed hungry, the last thing on your mind will be whether to grow or shave your armpit hair. What is that??? So, yeah, it's a movement - although not a new one. Women are refusing to shave their pits and they're taking pictures and posting them on social media. Why? Because this progresses the cause for women. And I wonder: how Continue Reading

All Hail Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serums!!


The other day, I was at my aunt's house and I was shocked when I saw my little cousin's legs. They were white. And he's a dark skinned black boy. His legs were so white that Igwe started calling him Mr. White (Hi, Walter White!) The winter dryness had taken him to a level of dryness that even I had never seen before. And if you live in a State like Maryland, then you know that this winter has been brutal to say the least. I'll admit something: I'm still a newbie in skincare and beauty. I've Continue Reading

2015 Grammys Red Carpet Fashion


I have a strange relationship with red carpet fashion. Sometimes I watch it, and other times I don't. Same thing for blogging about it. Sometimes I do, and other times I don't. Today, I'm doing. My favorites are Taylor Swift, Ciara, Ne-Yo, Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna. Let me explain Rihanna: It was not love at first sight, but then on a second and closer look, I like it better. But I realize that I like it Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Lionesse Beauty Bar

Lionesse Primer

Ladies! You know how we are. We always want our skin to be at its absolute best, and whatever can help us get there, we are ready. Today, I bring to you Lionesse Beauty Bar. Have you heard of this brand before? It's okay if you haven't cause I got you covered. Side note: there are more reviews on the website, so check them out. So I have two categories of products to review: skincare/makeup and hair beauty. Read and learn. 1.  Lionesse Primer First of all, I have always, always Continue Reading

About My Birthday (And What I Wore)


First, thank you so much for all the birthday love! I am so very grateful. You guys are the best, walahi. Now, let me tell you how my birthday went. This year, I decided to take pictures for my birthday because I had never done so before. So we took the pictures on Sunday (January 11th 2015), but we didn't calculate our moves very well. We went out there (Downtown Baltimore) all confidently like we we had our weather destiny in our hands. Wrong. It was so freaking cold! And to make it worse, it Continue Reading

What I Wore To Our Wedding Photoshoot

These earrings might be my new favorite. Might be.

If the title of this post is totally confusing to you, it means you didn't read the post about our wedding. Or about our marriage. Or our union. Whatever you want to call it. But the post is here. Please read it. That said, although you have already seen all of what I wore in that post, I just really like doing these posts. I did not have a color code or theme, but I knew that I wanted Igwe to wear all black, and he obliged me. All I knew about my outfit was that I wanted a skirt. Everything Continue Reading