My Sweet Potatoes, We Have A Problem On Verastic

Thank You

I was driving to a meeting yesterday when I received a phone call. It wasn't a number that I had saved, but I picked it up anyway. He was calling from my hosting company, and he was calling to tell me that I need more bandwidth than I am currently paying for. Apparently, my blog traffic is too much for the bandwidth I have, and I now have to upgrade (and pay double of what I'm paying right now). I don't like the part of paying more, but I don't mind it just because of its implication. Too Continue Reading

Warning: You Might Be Too Radiant


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jergens. All opinions are 100% mine. Ladies, hands up if you don't like radiant skin. Anyone? No one? I thought so. Having too much of a radiant skin is one thing I have never heard any woman complain about. It's because we LOVE radiant skin. Have you seen not-radiant skin? It's not a mistake that we tend to admire the radiant skin of pregnant women, but for those of us who are currently not pregnant, how else do we go about acquiring Continue Reading

Igwe And I Had A Near Death Experience

The fire truck

Igwe and I had a near-death experience on Wednesday night. It was past one in the morning and we had just said goodnight and barely closed our eyes when the smoke detector alarm went off. It was frightening because it was really loud, and naturally, my first thought was whether I left the stove on. We ran out to inspect and nothing was on. Nothing was burning. I would have been shocked if the stove was on because we did not cook. Igwe pressed the button to silent the alarm and I climbed a Continue Reading

Funmie’s Birthday In Pictures

Looking all drunk and stuff

Funmie's birthday was on Thursday, May 15th, and as usual, she did not plan anything. Igwe and I had a pretty busy day because we had to first attend Dayo's dinner in school - where we met the infamous Professor. We left dinner early - sometime close to 9pm, I think - and headed over to Funmie's house. We took cake, Moscato , disposable plates and cups, and a pair of gold shoes for Funmie. She specifically called me and told me that she wanted either gold or silver shoes. I found gold. When Continue Reading

What Would You Leave Your Man For?

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

Maybe I just have a short leash? Igwe and I just watched 3 episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and these are the only episodes we have ever watched. My coworkers have asked me about the show several times, and I have been telling that I don't watch it. Finally, we were flipping through channels and we saw it, so I told Igwe to leave it on. Since that first time, we have watched two other episodes. I don't know most of their names yet, but I want to talk about one particular couple: Continue Reading

How Long Do You Think Kim And Kanye Will Stay Married?

Nice to see Kanye smiling though

So Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are finally married. Congrats to them. Personally, I don't see what all the hoopla is about. It's Kanye's first wedding, yes, but it's Kim's third wedding. Like I said on Twitter two days ago, I'll catch the next wedding --- and so will you. Damn. I missed the #KimyeWedding. Guess I'll have to catch the next one. — VERASTIC.COM (@verastic) May 25, 2014 Meanwhile, I think the most important question now: how long do you think they'll stay married? I Continue Reading

My Weekend Recount: Dayo’s Graduation

Giving the graduate a kiss

It's definitely summer cause the events are pouring in. Every weekend there's something to attend, and Igwe and I are currently committed to yet another project, so we have to turn down a lot of events. This past weekend was Dayo's graduation. Dayo is Igwe's little brother, and he graduated from Morgan State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Before he graduated, he already had a job lined up for him at IBM. So proud of him. We went for his graduation, and it took so long! Continue Reading

Dear Vera, How Did You Know Igwe Is The One?


Hey Vera, I want to know how you became certain Igwe is 'the one' i.e how you became so confident to share his pictures on social media and things like that. I don't know if you know what I mean. Also, how can I be more sensitive to my Boyfriend? He thinks I'm too laid back and nonchalant. My Sweet Potato, Surprisingly, this seemingly simple question is much harder to answer because there are elements of our relationship that I don't want to talk about yet. That said, how did I know that Continue Reading

What I Wore To Dinner At Morgan State University

Wasn't sure how formal or informal dinner would be, so I was trying to stay in between

Yesterday I told you about the infamous dinner I attended at Morgan State University. Today, I'm showing you what I wore. By the way, the reason why I'm doing these outfit posts is because it's something I've always wanted to do but never really had any clothes I wanted to show you because as you know, I'm currently going through a fashion disaster. I still haven't updated my closet, but I decided to start where I am with what I have, and then we can grow together, no? Anyway, the dinner was Continue Reading

So Igbos And Yorubas Hang Out In America?

Fear of lipstick is the beginning of wisdom

Igwe and I were at Morgan State University on Thursday last week for a dinner held by the Engineering Department. It was called the Graduates and Parents Reception.  Igwe's baby brother, Dayo was about to graduate, so that was the dinner celebrating the graduates (and the family that helped them get there). While Igwe and I were trying to get our meals, there was a Nigerian man behind us. We knew he was Nigerian because we had heard his voice and accent. Eventually, he asked us if we were Continue Reading