Dear Vera, I’m Married And Trapped


Dear Vera, I am a 32 year old woman who had been married before, had 2 kids, separated, and went back and had another child and 2 years later divorced. A little background: I was with my ex from the time I was just 16. He moved in with my family and we ended up getting pregnant and getting married. I had only had one other partner before him. After our first child, he cheated on me. We had another child, and in turn, years later I cheated on him. Eventually we separated for a year and got back Continue Reading

Journal #2: February 2015


Welcome to March. Bet you thought I already abandoned my monthly journal, huh? Well, I didn't. Not yet, at least. How did February go for you? For me, it was a complete blur. For one thing, I forgot that it's only 28 days, so when the date on my phone read March 1st, I was shocked. March 1st??? Where did February go? Other than the blur, February was a pretty good month. I haven't been fired from my 9 to 5 (ha!) and you guys are still reading the blog. Then I received quite a few Dear Vera Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Claire Underwood On House Of Cards

House Of Cards

Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched Season 3 to the end, don't read this post. This past weekend, Igwe and I --- and possibly most of America stayed home to binge-watch House of Cards. It started on Friday and ended on Sunday, but we didn't actually watch any episode on Saturday, so it was just Friday and Sunday. So in this season, Frank Underwood is President of the United States, and his wife, Claire Underwood is First Lady, of course. Okay, there are two major times that Claire pissed Continue Reading

Dear Vera, I Slept With My Ex’s Mother [And Her Father Knows]


Dear Vera, I am in a very nasty fix which I don't know how to get out of. I work in one of the better established banks and in 2013 I met and started dating this girl that had been posted to our branch as a corper. We were an item for over 9 months, but when she left to complete a masters program abroad the relationship sort of fizzled out. Given that she had introduced me to a couple of her family members including her cousin, I accidentally bumped into this cousin in a party in VI, Continue Reading

How To Achieve That Bond Girl Look?


You've seen the movies through the years, and chances are that if you're one of our readers, they've been running longer than you've been alive. Based on the novels written by an actual former british spy, Ian Fleming, starting back in 1954 with Casino Royale, where agent 007 must participate in a high stakes game of poker, if you've never read a spy novel, it's a good starting point, but what has really kept the novels and its characters in the public mind are the movie adaptions: from Continue Reading

Who Else Wants To Move To Mars? [Mars 100]

Planet Mars

You've probably heard about the people that want to move to Mars, right? No, I'm not talking about a city called Mars - if there's such a thing - I'm referring to the Planet Mars. Basically, they're doing a "research" for life on Planet Mars, and although no one has ever lived on the planet, over 200,000 people have applied to live there. So you might be thinking, how bad can it be? So let me explain. Out of the 200,000 people that have applied, they have been reduced to 100 (I think). Continue Reading

What Feminism Means To Me — Because I’m Just A Girl


When I was a child growing up in Nigeria, I knew nothing about feminism. I knew that men were more powerful than women because it was what I had observed, but I had never heard of feminism. Ironically, I attended an all girls’ high school. Then I came to America as a teenager, and one of the first classes I took in college was Women’s Studies. That was when I learned about feminism. And at first, it sounded like a great idea. I might have even considered myself a mini feminist. But the Continue Reading

All Hail Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serums!!


The other day, I was at my aunt's house and I was shocked when I saw my little cousin's legs. They were white. And he's a dark skinned black boy. His legs were so white that Igwe started calling him Mr. White (Hi, Walter White!) The winter dryness had taken him to a level of dryness that even I had never seen before. And if you live in a State like Maryland, then you know that this winter has been brutal to say the least. I'll admit something: I'm still a newbie in skincare and beauty. I've Continue Reading

Dear Sweet Potatoes, I Need Connections!


My mom always says that it's only an open mouth that gets fed, so today I'm opening my mouth because I want to get fed. I'm talking about getting fed with connections. I've been blogging for nine years now, and its been great. Oh, my God, nine!  I am so grateful that among many other things, Verastic is now also financially rewarding. From sponsored posts to sidebar ads to reviews to videos, I have been doing them all. However, now I want more. I take my time a lot when I want to do Continue Reading

Finally … My Video Response To All Your Questions


My Sweet Potatoes! Firstly, thank you so much for all the questions you asked on my anniversary post. And secondly, I'm sorry it took so long, but I can explain. We actually recorded the video three times. The first time we recorded it was about a week after the post went up. We recorded 20 minutes (and I was speaking so fast because I didn't want the video to be too long), and then, his royal highness, Igwe mistakenly deleted the video. We recorded the video a second time, but I didn't Continue Reading