My Entire Thoughts About The Anti-Gay Bill In Arizona

Governor Jan Brewer

The State of Arizona has a new bill that the Governor  (Jan Brewer) may or may not sign. If she signs it, it will become law that businesses can basically refuse service based on sexual orientation. If she vetos it, it won't be law. But if she does nothing, it will become law anyway. Decisions, decisions. When Igwe and I first talked about this, my immediate answer was to veto the bill. But then, yesterday, I began to think about it again. Last week, I was helping a coworker who is a Continue Reading

Ladies & Gentlemen, There’s Something Wrong With My Face. Apparently.

The face that keeps getting me in trouble

I don't know when this happened, or maybe it's always been there, but I have only just realized it. I have heard this from many, many people, so I'm starting to believe that it's true. Apparently, my face is too expressive. I have been told that I am a snob, and that I look mean and unapproachable. With friends, co-workers, and even recently, with trainers, I keep getting the same thing: my face. Basically, the problem is that I have become unable to hide my lack of interest in a subject Continue Reading

I Admire Strong Women Like Demetria Lucas

Image source: Bravo TV

I remember when there was a lot of heavy promotion for Bravo TV's new reality series, Blood, Sweat,  & Heels. I didn't pay it too much mind, but then, when I discovered that one of the stars of the show - Demetria Lucas - is a blogger, I became determined to watch it at least once. I'm usually instantly interested in things that relate to bloggers. So I finally watched the show on Sunday night. I didn't go to bed till about 3am because I  binge-watched all the episodes on OnDemand (there Continue Reading

Facebook Will Buy What’s App For $19 Billion, And I’m Still Not A Millionaire

Facebook + Whats App

Once again, I am confronted with a large sum of money that is too big for me to even understand. $19 billion??? What does that even mean --- and when can I experience some of this? I'm not asking for $19 billion. I am not even asking for $1 billion. I'll proudly and happily be a millionaire, and I will have everything I want, plus more. I'm not greedy. Amazing that what I might consider a simple app is worth this much money. And I cannot help but wonder, what does it do that makes it so Continue Reading

iCook: Fried Stew + White Rice With Johnsonville Andouille Sausages


I cooked! You know I love making up new foods. Well this time, in honor of Mardi Gras (which is coming up!), I went for regular Nigerian fried stew with fully cooked Andouille Sausage from Johnsonville, which is one of their Split Rope Sausage flavors. This sausage, from Johnsonville, is unlike most other sausage in its category.To start,  it's fully cooked and packs great flavor but unlike most other fully cooked sausage, Johnsonville uses absolutely no fillers which is how their sausages get Continue Reading

Ladies, What Do You Think About A Man Paying For Your First Date With A GroupOn Coupon?


Igwe and I have been arguing over this for the past 48 hours, and we still don't agree. I don't even remember how we got into this conversation. Igwe believes that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a man paying for a first date with a GroupOn/Living Social coupon, especially if it's for something expensive - like one of those hard-to-get-into restaurants that might cost about $500 for food. I, on the other hand, completely disagree. I think that using coupons  is one of those things you save Continue Reading

That Time My Mommy Found A Porn DVD In My Bedroom

Consider this picture to be the porn picture placeholder

Of all the awkward situations I'd rather never have with my mother, this is definitely high up there. My friend, Solachi (Busola) got married in 2007. But before she got married, we had a surprise bridal shower for her. At this bridal shower, one of her friends gave her about 3 or 4 porn DVDs to prepare her for marriage (she was a virgin). Out of curiosity, we - Uju, Solachi, and I - decided to watch a couple of them. I remember we watched one in Uju's house, and then somehow, I ended up with Continue Reading

Instagram Challenge: 10 Days Of Selfie


I'm always on Instagram. Most days, I go through most of my time at least once. I love looking at pictures, and I follow a variety of people. I follow people who post about fashion, natural hair, pr, life, blogging, movies, weight loss, and lots and lots of shoes. But the problem is that I barely ever have something to put up on Instagram, and I am jealous of  people who do. I mean, there are people who can post like 10 times in a day, while I can't even think of one post to put up. It's Continue Reading

Lil’ Kim Is Pregnant

Lil' Kim and her baby bump

I woke up this morning and tended to my bad habit: going through my phone before even getting out of bed. While on my phone, I went through my Instagram timeline and had to scratch my eyes when I thought I saw Lil' Kim with a baby bump on FashionBombDaily's timeline. Well, I was right. It was a baby bump! Still, I had to come and Google it, and lo and behold, it is true. Lil' Kim is pregnant. You're probably wondering what I'm wondering, too: who the heck got Lil' Kim pregnant? Well, I Continue Reading

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Never Touched Drugs?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Never? Never, ever? Wow. I am impressed.  It's not that I expected him to be a drug addict, but there are just too many stories of celebrities being bad floating around the place. One thing they all say is how difficult it is to be so rich and famous and all the pressure that is put on them. Boo hoo, cry me a river. But knowing that Leonardo has never touched drugs is simply impressive. Depending on how you look at it though, you may argue that he has indeed touched a type of drug since he Continue Reading