Lessons From My Ex: I Don’t Like Mamas’ Boys


As they say, hindsight is 20/20. In my life, I have had a total of three serious/committed relationships, and I'm now married to the third one. As they also say, third time is the charm. Before Igwe, I got to know other men. Apart from the two I had a serious relationship with, there were some in between that were not serious (because I was young and knew nothing of that life anyway) and some that almost happened, but didn't quite. We died in the "just talking" phase. I'm sure we all know that Continue Reading

Are You Pitch Perfect, Too?


Did you see the first Pitch Perfect? I did, and I loved it. Even Igwe saw it and loved it, too. Well, the second part is finally coming out, and guess who's a sponsor? Schick Women's Shave! It was only a few days ago that I put up a post about shaving, sponsored by Schick Women's Shave. I don't know about you, but for me, I am really excited to go see Pitch Perfect 2. Apart from the perfect pitch from the stars - pun intended, there's also the never-ending comedy. The awesome movie, Pitch Continue Reading

Sooo … My Debit Card Was Hacked


Yesterday, I went for a couple of meetings and came home tired and pissed. Tired because it was so hot outside, and I just don't function so well in the heat. And pissed because I waited for over an hour for the client and he did not show up. He could have at least given me a courtesy call, no? Anyway, I went home, took my pants off, and threw myself on the bed. About an hour later, I woke up feeling very refreshed. My phone was next to me, although on vibrate, and I picked it up to check what I Continue Reading

But Why Does GroupOn Have So Many Vibrators?

The left is explanatory, but the right ones look like cans of deodorant

This is what is currently giving me sleepless nights. I receive occasional emails from GroupOn about their goods, but I have never bought anything. However, most times when they send an email, I do open it and go down the list of deals and shop some of them in my head. Apart from the regular products that always show up like yoga pants and shoes, GroupOn also always has at least one vibrator. As a matter of fact, I don't think it's ever just one. Most times, it's more than one. I have never Continue Reading

Shaved Legs Save Lives!


Well, not literally. I have mentioned on this blog before how when I started shaving my legs, my mom (who is practically hairless) and my aunt (who is nothing close to being hairless) both told me that I was ruining my natural beauty by shaving my legs. I thanked them for their unsolicited opinion, and I kept on shaving those legs. Back then, however, I did it mostly when I was going to be wearing a skirt and pretty constantly during the summer because I wanted people [READ: BOYS] to see and Continue Reading

I Need A Social Media Intern


The smart people have figured out that in order for a problem to be fixed, it has to first be identified. I realized a long time ago that I cannot keep up with social media. I've tried, and I just cannot. If I was not a blogger, I wouldn't even be active at all. I'd probably still have the accounts, just so I can go on and entertain myself, but I'd be rarely active. Because I'm a blogger, however, I'm trying (and failing most times) to be active. I see people - bloggers and non bloggers alike - Continue Reading

Nollywood Is Now On Netflix, And I Still Don’t Care


Did you know that Nollywood movies are now on Netflix? I don't know how many of them are there exactly, but I have been turned off from Nollywood for a long time. Anyway, because we have a smart TV, Igwe will not let me breathe. Every single day, Igwe will torment me with one Nollywood movie or another. For the first time in my life, I even watched a Yoruba movie from beginning to end, and honestly, it wasn't the worst Nigerian movie I've ever seen. The only problem is that whoever is in charge Continue Reading

If You Don’t Ask, You Might Never Know


Firstly, I am so sorry for my silence. I have been deliriously busy. I wake up in the morning and before I know it, it's night. Right now, I'm typing this post at the expense of my sleep, and I'm gonna pay for it because I have an early meeting. Hopefully I don't fall asleep in the middle. Meanwhile, I have been so busy that I have been carrying the same bag for weeks. The problem with this is that it's one of those really big bags, and you know when you have a big bag, it may be stylish, but it Continue Reading

Ladies, Would You Use The Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream?

Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream

Or maybe I should start by first generally asking if you use sleeping creams. It feels like not too long ago, I was 19 and did not give two cents about skin care. Sure, I was learning to make myself up, but I had absolutely no beauty regime. Most times, I didn't even wash the makeup off my face at night, and nothing happened. Where did that time go? I wouldn't dare pull that stunt now. These days, my time of the month inspires a pimple or two to make an appearance - something that never, ever Continue Reading

“You Can Pass For One Of Us,” He Told Me

Nigerian American

I was with the doctor yesterday (not my personal doctor), but it was my first time meeting him. He called me by my Igbo name and asked if he said it right. I said yes. Honestly, he did a great job, considering that he's American. Then he asked me where I'm from, and I proudly said Nigeria. The doc then responded by saying, "Oh, wow, you speak really good English." I don't know what my face looked like (since I couldn't see it), but I imagine that my eyebrows were raised defensively and my lips Continue Reading