When It Comes To Penis Size, It’s All About Girth

Image source: Huffington Post

Ladies, there has been another survey. Yes, about penis size. Because let's face it, we're just as obsessed with penises as men as obsessed with breasts. I don't know about you, but when it comes to surveys about penises, I always want to read it. Yeah, what's the latest size "they" say that women like? According to this new study - and who are the people studying this thing sef? - when it comes to one night stands, it's girth that women are more concerned about. In this study, 41 women Continue Reading

Be Certainly Confident With Certain Dri!


I cannot count how many times someone has asked me about what to use for heavy perspiration, and every time I have been asked, my answer has been the same: I have no idea. I remember in my first year of college and there was a girl (let's call her Tina), and literally every time you saw her, there was a "map" under her arm. We didn't get it. We thought she just wasn't very clean. Or she didn't take the time to use anti-perspirant. It was awkward. You could not help but look at her underarm, Continue Reading

Igwe Has Finally Taken My Last Name

Igwe's new last name.

In most cultures, especially in the Nigerian one, a man does not take his woman's last name. Maybe it has happened in Nigeria before, but I have never, ever heard of it. Until now, that is. After church yesterday, Igwe and I went to Sam's Club. I had not had a Sam's Club card in forever, so I had to apply for a new one. After I got one, I figured Igwe should get one, too because what if he's on his way back from work and I need him to stop by real quick and get my something very urgent like Continue Reading

To Lupita Nyong’o, With All Kinds Of Love

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita hot-damn Nyong'o! I'll just go straight to the point: congratulations on acquiring the film rights to Chimamanda's book, Americannah. That's the first part of this post. The second part is: when are you going to make the movie, and what will be my part in it?  Let me confess: I am yet to read the book. It's very strange that I have not read it considering that the book is about a blogger AND I'll read anything Chimamanda writes. I'll buy the alphabets if Chimamanda writes them. Continue Reading

Watch This Plus Size Pole Dancer Blow Your Mind

Emma Haslam

Disclaimer: I hate the term, 'plus size,' but for the purpose of this post (because it's used in the original article), I'll use the term here. Emma Haslam, 27 year mom, was on Britain's Got Talent and boy, does she have some talent! She's the kind of person who (before you know her) you completely underestimate until she blows your mind. Check the video below and read the original post here. P.S. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking about now is take some pole dancing classes! Continue Reading

My Sweet Potatoes, We Have A Problem On Verastic

Thank You

I was driving to a meeting yesterday when I received a phone call. It wasn't a number that I had saved, but I picked it up anyway. He was calling from my hosting company, and he was calling to tell me that I need more bandwidth than I am currently paying for. Apparently, my blog traffic is too much for the bandwidth I have, and I now have to upgrade (and pay double of what I'm paying right now). I don't like the part of paying more, but I don't mind it just because of its implication. Too Continue Reading

Warning: You Might Be Too Radiant


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jergens. All opinions are 100% mine. Ladies, hands up if you don't like radiant skin. Anyone? No one? I thought so. Having too much of a radiant skin is one thing I have never heard any woman complain about. It's because we LOVE radiant skin. Have you seen not-radiant skin? It's not a mistake that we tend to admire the radiant skin of pregnant women, but for those of us who are currently not pregnant, how else do we go about acquiring Continue Reading

Igwe And I Had A Near Death Experience

The fire truck

Igwe and I had a near-death experience on Wednesday night. It was past one in the morning and we had just said goodnight and barely closed our eyes when the smoke detector alarm went off. It was frightening because it was really loud, and naturally, my first thought was whether I left the stove on. We ran out to inspect and nothing was on. Nothing was burning. I would have been shocked if the stove was on because we did not cook. Igwe pressed the button to silent the alarm and I climbed a Continue Reading

Funmie’s Birthday In Pictures

Looking all drunk and stuff

Funmie's birthday was on Thursday, May 15th, and as usual, she did not plan anything. Igwe and I had a pretty busy day because we had to first attend Dayo's dinner in school - where we met the infamous Professor. We left dinner early - sometime close to 9pm, I think - and headed over to Funmie's house. We took cake, Moscato , disposable plates and cups, and a pair of gold shoes for Funmie. She specifically called me and told me that she wanted either gold or silver shoes. I found gold. When Continue Reading

What Would You Leave Your Man For?

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

Maybe I just have a short leash? Igwe and I just watched 3 episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and these are the only episodes we have ever watched. My coworkers have asked me about the show several times, and I have been telling that I don't watch it. Finally, we were flipping through channels and we saw it, so I told Igwe to leave it on. Since that first time, we have watched two other episodes. I don't know most of their names yet, but I want to talk about one particular couple: Continue Reading