How To Bevel The Heck Out Of Your Man!


And you're wondering what that means? Well, read on!The Bible says that there is more blessing in giving than there is in receiving, and I couldn't agree more. There's a wonderful, wonderful feeling that comes with knowing that someone is smiling because of what you have given them. It's almost selfish to have this wonderful feeling. It's almost as if you had an ulterior motive for giving the gift. It's the same feeling I get every single time I give Igwe a gift. I remember one birthday when I Continue Reading

Caution: Igwe & I Made A Video

Me and Igwe

Igwe and I made a video - our very first one. Well, technically, it's not the first one because we have our proposal video - although that one wasn't anything like this one. This one is a video we made at home to promote a brand. It was our first time doing this kind of video. I have gotten opportunities to do videos in the past, but I have always declined because I just didn't even know where to start. But there's always a first time. And now that I have done this first one, I am now looking Continue Reading

Does Being A Gay Man Make You A Fashionista?

Derek J

There's a trend going on. I don't know when, why, or how it started, but it's out there and it might be here to stay. There are gay men, and there are gay men who think they are fashionistas. And well, both of these things can in fact be mutually exclusive - contrary to what popular media may think.  It's like anything that's fashion related cannot be complete without gay men. Really, really gay men. You know who has inspired me to write this post? It's Derek J. Derek J, the celebrity Continue Reading

How Not To Ask A Blogger For A Favor

Blogger Tales

I can't say about other media-related jobs/careers, but when it comes to blogging, some people think that all it takes to blog is to wake up, scratch your butt, stroke a few keys on your keyboard, and voila! You're live. Well, no, that is not how it happens. I realize I have said this so many times, but I have to keep saying it. Verastic did not start as a business or a money-making blog, and I did not start out being a pro blogger or even trying to be a pro blogger. I just wanted to write. Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian In A See-Through Dress. Do We Like?


Recently, I have found myself being very attracted to see-through clothes. I can't wear them to work (without a camisole under), but when I'm not going to work, I wear the heck out of it. Not too much, but I do love it. Anyway, I saw pictures of Kim Kardashian in this see-through dress, and I just love it! I may not have the guts to wear see-through top to bottom, but maybe just the top. I don't know who made the dress, but it's beautiful, and Kim Kardashian wears it well. Maybe it's the Continue Reading

Gentlemen, Did You Put Your Cock In A Sock Yesterday?

Image source: Instagram

Funmie and I were getting our nails done when my nail technician showed me her Facebook feed. All I saw were naked men. Beautiful naked men. Beautiful naked men with their cocks in socks. Long story short, Instagram was very excited yesterday with pictures of men with their cocks in socks --- all to raise awareness for prostate cancer. What do cocks in socks have to do with prostate cancer? I don't know, but at the very least, it has me blogging about prostate cancer ... kind of. I will not Continue Reading

Ladies, Do You Actually Like Cooking?

My cozy kitchen

I can confidently say that I have a love-hate relationship with cooking. I cannot say that I dislike it, but I don't quite like it either. Basically, I enjoy experimenting and trying new recipes, and I have never eaten any food that I like better than the one I cooked myself, but there are just days months that I don't feel like cooking. I have shown you pictures of some of the foods I have cooked through my iCook series, and I enjoyed cooking every one of those meals. The only thing that has Continue Reading

It’s Vera vs Her Natural Hair: The Sexy, Curly Braids Edition

Lost hair. All lost.

Late last year, I wore my wig for a few months, and I did it because I wanted my natural hair to rest. I have told you several times how I have no idea what to do with my natural hair. I watch several videos on YouTube, and I try some of them, but it never ends up like it is in the video. Those people in the videos use some kind of juju, I tell you. But I digress. So I braided my hair in January, a couple days before my birthday, and it was beautiful. This particular kind of braids is my Continue Reading

My Parents Taught Me To Play

My Parents Taught Me To Play

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of New York Life. All opinions are 100% mine. Before I tell you a little bit about my life, I want you to first watch this video recorded by a grandson of his grandfather. His grandfather talked about God, women, money, art, and family. It's only a little over a minute, so watch and enjoy: My Grandfather One of the fun parts of being a child is being oblivious to the world around you. All you know is the world you live in, Continue Reading

Elijah Adeoye: He’s One Of Us, And He Needs Our Help


Funmie sent me this information. While I have never met Elijah, Funmie knows his personally. Funmie didn't tell me to put up this blog post, and I did not even tell her that I'll be putting up this blog post, so when she sees it, she'll do in usual Funmie fashion and call me to scream on the phone. Those of us who went to school here (or are still going to school here) know that the man called school loan is a beast and a freak of nature. Elijah wants to pursue a master's degree course in Continue Reading