I Don’t Feel Like Doing This, And Robin Williams Is Dead

Robin Williams

Do you ever go through days/times when you just don't feel like doing  anything? That's exactly how I feel right now. My blog has suffered! I feel like a stranger on here right now because it's been since last week that I last put up a post. And I'm only typing a post right now because it has been so long that it's outright crazy. Although I slept on time last night, and although I woke up late yesterday morning, and although I fell asleep in the middle of the day yesterday (and later went to Continue Reading

How Bud Light Lime Took My Beer Virginity

It just wouldn't be complete if it did not hang out on the balcony

Igwe and I are fond of going to random eateries, just to try it out. Even in our neighborhood, we can no longer order pizza and wings from the same place because our perfect pizza shop does not have the perfect wings, and our perfect wings shop does not have the perfect pizza. Most times, we don't order both the wings and the pizza anyway, but in the rare events that we do, we have to drive to two places to pick our food up. So it was in one of our random bar hops that I discovered Bud Light Continue Reading

How To Soften Wrinkles And Fine Lines In 90 Seconds!


Yes, 90 seconds. While I may not have wrinkles and fine lines yet and so cannot testify to the frustration of finding (or not finding) the right products, what I can definitely testify to is the frustration in finding the perfect product because there are just too many. And, of course, every one promises they're the best. But if I were using a serum for wrinkles and soft lines, I would want it to work immediately because who wants to grow more wrinkles while trying to soften the already Continue Reading

TV Show To Watch: Tyrant On FX

Tyrant on FX

If you enjoy watching shows like Homeland, or if you enjoy watching movies like Taken, then you'll probably love Tyrant. It's set in the Middle East, in a fictional country called, Abuddin. The main character is Bassam "Barry" Al-Fayeed, the son of a dictator who fled to America for 20 years and now returns home (with his family, wife and two kids) for his nephew's wedding. While there, his father passes away, and his older brother, Jamal Al-Fayeed becomes President. Things just continue to get Continue Reading

She Asked Me If Nigeria Was On Another Planet

Questions About Nigeria

At the closeout party at the BlogHer Conference, Rev Run was on the 1s and 2s, and it was just wonderful. Did I ever think the day would come when "Tricky" would be booming through the speakers and Rev Run would be rapping along, right in front of me? No, but it happened anyway, and I enjoyed every bit of it. After he left, we still had about 45 minutes to network and chat among each other. I was sitting and chatting with a blogger with whom I had made an acquaintance the day before. And Continue Reading

10 Lessons I Learned From Arianna Huffington At The BlogHer Conference

Arianna Huffington signing my book at BlogHer

Before I knew anything about who would be at BlogHer, I had already made the decision to attend it. But when I found out that Arianna Huffington would be there, I couldn't wait to attend. On stage, she was interviewed by Guy Kawasaki who is very popular. I didn't know him then, but I certainly know him now. Arianna was unexpectedly funny. I don't know what I expected, but I know I did not expect that. Like Guy had already warned us, when you ask Arianna a question, she tells you what she Continue Reading

About Last Weekend: My Complete BlogHer Conference Recap


The title of this post is slightly misleading because this post is in fact not my complete BlogHer Conference recap. My recap is entirely too long to put in one post, and because I imagine that you are like me, I do not burden you with extremely long posts because when I open a post with 100 paragraphs, I freak out and close the page. This one, therefore, will only have 99 paragraphs. As I mentioned in my previous post, this BlogHer conference was my first blogging conference of any kind, and Continue Reading

What Does My Fresh Citrus Listerine Say About Me?


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Listerine. All opinions are 100% mine. When I first came to America (donkey years ago), I stayed with my uncle and aunty, and they swore by Listerine. I had never used Listerine before that, so the first time I used it, it was an acquired taste. But then I kept using it, and of course, the more I did, the more I loved it. Brushing my teeth just wasn't complete without using the Listerine mouth wash. Several years later, my routine has Continue Reading

Vera Goes To San Jose, California (For The BlogHer Conference)

Verastic Media Kit

Today is D-Day! As you're reading this, I might already be in San Jose. I typed the post last night and scheduled it to come up today. It has been so hectic. I took off from my 9-5 job today so I could spend a couple hours getting ready for traveling. I ended up spending the entire day getting ready. Before I tell you about my day, I wanna show you my media kit. Woooot! I made it myself. It's two pages, and yes, I am giving it out in the slashed pocket folder. All na packaging abi? And can you Continue Reading

Rest In Peace To My Samsung Galaxy S3

We started with the left, and now we're on the right.

It was on Thursday, July 17th that my phone went into vegetative state. I woke up in the morning, stretched, did my morning prayers, and started scrolling through Instagram. I used to have a habit of waking up and reaching for my phone immediately to read emails, texts, tweets, and of course Instagram. But I have consciously stopped reaching for my phone first thing in the morning. Anyway .... I was scrolling through Instagram when my phone suddenly went off, came back on, went off, and came Continue Reading