Breastfeeding Breasts Are The Best Breasts!


Let me start by introducing my breasts. They're not huge, but they're definitely not small either. While we're on the issue of breasts, I might as well be as transparent as ever. I'm a 38D. Let me rephrase that: I was 38D before I got pregnant. I was told by many over zealous mothers (read: Solachi) that once I get pregnant, my breasts would explode. Well, I got pregnant and that didn't really happen. They got bigger, sure, but nothing like what I was expecting. I didn't even notice their Continue Reading

Happy Birthday To My Igwe Of Life

Igwe of Verastic

It's Igwe's birthday today, but it's different from all the other birthdays I have celebrated with him. This time, he's a daddy, and I am continuously entertained by his antics. Igwe is a dadzilla (and I'll blog about this later). I am so proud of who Igwe has become since we started this journey in 2010. He has grown so much and learned so much, and I couldn't  be happier that part of his change is because of me. I thank God everyday that I chose him. When Igwe started "pursuing" me, I could Continue Reading

Journey To Baby: My Maternity Photoshoot


In case you missed the big news, I'm a mommy now! Now, about this photoshoot. We did this photoshoot when I was 8 months pregnant. I have seen so many maternity photo shoots, and they are always so beautiful and oooh and aaahh, but for some reason, I always fail to muster up the excitement to do things like this. So for this photoshoot, I absolutely refused to do it. Igwe wanted me to do the shoot, but I refused. I was not feeling ugly and "not pretty" or any of that, but I just didn't feel Continue Reading

Dear Sweet Potatoes, I’m A Mommy Now


The rumors are true. I, Vera Ezimora, am now a mommy. Igwe and I welcomed our baby girl on Tuesday, October 20th 2015 at 5:19 PM. She weighed 8 pounds and 10 oz and measured 20.5 inches. For those who measure weight in kilograms, she weighed about 3.8 kilograms. No, she was not a small baby at all. But then, we cannot be surprised. A lion can never give birth to a goat. Ha! For now, she's a yellow paw paw baby, but there's no telling what color she will eventually be. When I show you Continue Reading

When It Comes To The Future, One Has To Plan Realistically


When I was younger, my mom taught me so many times to save, save, save. When aunties and uncles and other relatives would give me money for whatever, my mom never let me spend everything. Piggy banks were rampant in my house. I always had one and it gave me great pleasure to stuff money in it. As I type this right now, I still own a piggy bank, although these days I fill it up with pennies. When we came to America, I continued my habit of saving, and there was no time my savings did not come in Continue Reading

That Time This Lady Asked If I Was Having Fertility Issues


This isn't something that happened a long time ago oh. In fact, it was quite recent. So, I was at a home-event of a friend where there were lots of friends and acquaintances, and that was when this lady decided we should have this conversation in the kitchen (I am not aware that anyone else heard our conversation). But first, let me tell you about this lady. She's someone I've known for years. When I say that I have known her, I don't mean that we are friends, or that we are close, but we Continue Reading

Journey To Baby: My First Baby Shower In Pictures

Left to right: Lisa, Elizabeth (and look where her hand is), Antonia, and Jemela (her new son is just beautiful)

If nothing else, there is one thing that has become increasingly obvious to us: this baby it truly blessed and highly favored. So many things have been happening and falling into place, and we seriously believe that this child is bringing a lot of favor and blessings - in a way that neither of us have quite experienced before. Okay, so about my first baby shower. It was organized by my dear work friends, and it was a surprise. Although we usually organize small baby showers for pregnant Continue Reading

Journal #9: September 2015


Welcome to October. Although, considering that it's already October 13th, perhaps I'm a little late in welcoming you to the new month. Forgive me. My most exciting news for September was the baby news! I confessed on here that Igwe and I are expecting a baby, and most of you Sweet Potatoes were doubting me. Ah! My God will vindicate me soon. When the baby comes and I post pictures of him/her, you better not look oh! Don't let me catch you looking. Ehen. Anyway, in the month of Continue Reading

All Hail The Chocolate Chip Cookie!


If I was a character on Sesame Street, I'd definitely be the Cookie Monster, so it's not by coincidence that I saved the cookie post for last. I am the girl who goes to the grocery store and randomly scans the cookie aisle looking for new cookies to explore. Sometimes, I explore biscuits because they remind me of Nigeria, and the sound of biscuits just make me feel sophisticated. But let me tell you about this Fiber One Chocolate Chip Cookie. First of all, you should know that before America, Continue Reading

Journey To Baby: Baby Boy Or Baby Girl?


We don't know the sex of the baby. Sounds crazy, right? Well, this is how it happened. Before we were ever expecting a baby, the assumed plan was always to find out. But when I got pregnant, I suddenly got the bright idea that we should not find out and be totally surprised. Igwe wanted nothing to do with it. He decided that he would find out and not tell me, but I refused because Igwe sucks at keeping secrets from me. I mean like he really, really sucks at it. So I did what all good wives do: I Continue Reading