Dear Nigerians, What Is It With You And Party Food?

Jollof rice

Obviously, I cannot count how many Nigerian parties/events I have attended in my lifetime, but there's something that happens at all of them: the food craze. This craze does not transfer to non Nigerian food though, only the Nigerian one. For example, I remember attending a wedding where they served all Nigerian food, like mashed potatoes, baked salmon, green leafy salad, and no rice, and the guests were visibly unsatisfied and disapppointed. We all know that no Nigerian party is complete Continue Reading

Mary Kay® Is Making Me Rethink My Entire Life

Mary Kay Sculpted Look - Open Eyes

A couple years ago - I was about 18 or 19 - my aunt signed up to be a Mary Kay® beauty consultant. It was the funniest thing because she did not wear any makeup, nor did she know how to use it. So guess who started running the business? Me. This is where my love for makeup started. I am no makeup expert, and although I am very comfortable with playing on my face, I'd prefer not to be asked to do anyone else's makeup. It usually turns out good, but I'm not comfortable enough. I'd try it on my own Continue Reading

The Back To School Fun Isn’t For Students Only


When I was in elementary school, my parents told me that I was a scholar. They said I don't become a student until I get into secondary school. In America, the first year of secondary school is part of middle school (7th grade). I could not wait to become a student. To me, it signified growth and maturity - especially maturity. Although we technically had back to school shopping in Nigeria, it was not officially called that, and the shopping was more about school supplies like books, food and Continue Reading

Whose Grandma Is Topless In Times Square?

Topless woman at Times Square

It's another feminist post, y'll! We just talked about the lady that deliberately ran a marathon while on her period --- without a tampon or pad. Well, today, we have someone's grandma sitting topless in Times Square. Why, you wonder? Well, New York's Mayor, Bill de Blasio is proposing that naked women (panhandlers) stop roaming Times Square. This may sound to you like a good idea, except that some people are labeling it as sexist. This is the same way people easily label you a racist or Continue Reading

If Balaam Was Nigerian (And His Donkey Talked)

Balaam's donkey

Igwe and I are still reading the bible and trying to know God better. Currently, we're in the first book of Samuel. We have not gone as far as we should have because for a couple of weeks, we slacked. I cannot speak for Igwe, but for me, I wish I was a better child of God. I'm disappointed in how many times I dishonor Him in a day. But for now, let's focus on the humor I find in the bible. I especially love comparing some of these stories to the characters being Nigerian. Today, we're looking at Continue Reading

Rude Party Guest — Or Was I Overreacting?

The napkin, her clutch, and some of her many bobby pins

This is something that happened at this year's BlogHer conference. I just kind of forgot to blog about it. On the first day (Thursday), that was when the ice-breaking parties happened in the evening. For me, the first conference day is usually just for fun and nothing serious. Anyway, I attended one of the parties of that night, which was the Multi-Culti party. It's supposed to celebrate influencers of different cultures. I got there about an hour after it started and I didn't know anyone Continue Reading

I’m Not A Doctor, And Daddy Isn’t Over It Yet


Both of my parents are medical doctors, and I am very proud of them. Not only did they go to medical school, but they also did it in a foreign land and in a foreign language (Russia/Russian). I took Microbiology, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology I and II in college and it was no walk in the park --- and it was all in English, although it often felt like Latin. So for my parents, I salute them. Oh, and they both did it on scholarships - something they never fail to remind me. When I was Continue Reading

Who’s Been Stealing Dry Skin Cream From Walmart?


I went to Walmart the other day to buy my lotion (Jergens Shea Butter something ... can't remember the full name) when I noticed that a jar of cream was locked up. It was the Palmer's one. I picked it up and stared at it. I thought it was funny because why would you lock up a jar of cream, and what even made this particular cream so special? That was when I noticed that there were a lot of locked creams. And they all had one thing in common: they were all for dry skin. Which now begs the Continue Reading

A Woman On Her Period Ran Marathon Without Tampon To Protest Period-Shaming

Take a moment to digest this. 
Image source: Mashable

Am I becoming more conservative, or have people around me gone crazy? I'm pretty sure it's the latter. So Kiran Gandhi ran a marathon in London while on her period and deliberately chose to not use a pad/tampon because she wanted to end period-shaming. What is period-shaming, you ask? I don't know. I just heard about it right now, but apparently, women have been shamed for having periods. This is especially interesting news on the heels of Donald Trump saying that Megyn Kelly was bleeding out of Continue Reading

Ladies, Do You (Or Would You) Snoop On Your Man?


Over the weekend, I came across an article on Punch Magazine that quoted Toke Makinwa as having allegedly said that women should snoop on their men because men are wicked. I don't know if she actually said this, and if she did, I don't know when: before or after everyone and their mama found out about her husband's cheating. I can't even decide which would be better because there does not seem to be a lesser evil here. First of all, I have to disclose that I am not a fan or follower of Toke. Continue Reading