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Vera-Ezimora-Profile-Pic-2So Who Is Vera Ezimora Really?

I am a Russian-born Nigerian living in the States. I have spent most of my life outside Nigeria, but I am still a Nigerian. This is evidenced by my fridge always having white rice and stew, and my freezer always being stocked with tomatoes, very hot peppers, and of course, goat meat. Also, my American friends can’t eat my food without breaking out into a sweat, fanning themselves profusely, and gulping down a gallon of water. No idea what that’s about.

I started blogging in 2006 – January 26th to be precise – and I have not been able to stop. I have strong – read: politically incorrect – views on a lot of serious issues like marriage, sexual orientation, and rape, and sometimes, I share my views liberally on this blog. My intention is never to offend or provoke, but sometimes, it happens. I consider this the collateral damage of being honest.

In addition to being a blogger, I am also a writer, an aspiring author, a speaker, a future globe trotter, a baby feminist, a self-proclaimed cultural ambassador (because it sounds really cool), a challenger of human – especially African – norms (because this, too, sounds really, really cool), a truth-sayer, and a media mogul in the making. I will be the biggest media mogul the continent of Africa has produced. Get used to my face because you will soon be seeing it on television. A lot. I don’t know when or how, but I know it’s coming. Also, I might be coming to an event near you to speak. I don’t know when or how either, but this, too, is coming.

Believe it or not, but someone [Igwe] actually married me, and he’s not being held at gun point either. As of today (August 1st 2015), I don’t have any children yet, but they are coming (two boys and a girl). I have a great relationship with my parents, especially my mommy (although she says I think like a man – whatever that might mean), and people always think I look like her until they meet my daddy.

I’m tough on the outside – I know this – but inside, I’m all pink and soft and girly. I like to be spoiled by my parents and my man (and in the future, my children, too). I get excited over nail polish and makeup, and shoes, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I cry over most movies, even commercials and greeting cards. Outside my home, I’m a bad ass, no-nonsense woman, but inside, I’m just a little girl who always wants her mommy.

The biggest criticism I have received from friends and family is, “Vera, you play too much!” It’s true. I am sometimes incapable of being serious, which is why I have deployed a serious picture above to imply otherwise. Some of my favorite activities include reading, watching television, sleeping, and throwing all kinds of shade. I have an addiction to strawberry shortcake ice cream and the smell of Igwe’s body.  I believe in the Most High God and His only son, Jesus Christ, Creator of the heavens and the earth, Author and Finisher of my faith. My Protector. My Deliverer. My Provider. My Healer. My Timekeeper. My Savior. My belief in God is not up for negotiation. This is Vera Ezimora, Circa August 1st 2015 – 12:18 PM.

About Verastic

Verastic is a personal, lifestyle, and humor blog about issues close to my heart: (1) What Black in America means when you’re African, (2) Cultural differences between Africans and African Americans, or what I like to describe as Black Tension, (3) Ironies of life, (4) The Nigerian culture and how it’s repressive to women, (5) Current events that I find interesting, (6) Social norms that are still not normal to me, (7) Women’s lives, (8) My spirituality, (9) Product reviews/giveaways, and (10) Veraisms, which could be anything from fashion to something that happened to me yesterday, and to my less than perfect culinary skills. Every word on this blog should be read with caution: sarcasm, satire, and humor. A little prayer won’t hurt either.

Verastic is an honest blog. I discuss issues as I see them, not as the world wants me to see them. I am not always right, and I do not pretend to know everything. This blog chronicles a lot of what I see that is right and wrong with today. I refer to my readers as my Sweet Potatoes because they are very, very dear to my heart, and I also refer to them as the Council of Elders because they sometimes treat me like I am their child or niece, and they are very protective of me. They are the best.

If you are interested in working with me and/or my blog, please read the Work With Me page to find out how this can happen. If you have any questions at all for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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