Remember That Liquid Diet?


I failed. Woefully at that. But I have an excuse. You'll want to read this, trust me. It all started on Tuesday morning as planned. I was doing well, like I mentioned in the post. As of 4:38 PM, the only thing I had eaten was still a banana, and I was not hungry. I was determined to continue until end of the day. That was until Continue Reading

The Liquid Diet Begins

I was speaking to Uju the other day and she happened to mention something called the Liquid Diet and how a co-worker of hers did it. I'm usually not into diets because I have read and heard many times that they don't work. The person who actually comes to mind most is Dr. Phil, and he says that Continue Reading

I Saw A Dog’s Penis

Oscar-looking Dog

I know you may not find this particular news very interesting, but for me, it had my mouth hanging open for several minutes. Until a few days ago, I had never, ever, ever seen a dog's penis. It was Oscar the dog. I don't know what breed of dog he is, but left to right, he is long, and top to bottom, he is short. If you're confused by my description, don't sweat it. I'm confused too. Oscar looks sorta like this --- without the clothing. Anyway, Oscar has a wife and a daughter, and I have Continue Reading

Spotlight: Sprouters

SPROUTERS is now accepting applications for her 2012 online mentorship program. And the program is absolutely FREE. We would like to invite all interested teenage girls, between the age of ten and twenty, who have a passion for creative writing, to submit an application for Nigeria’s pioneer online mentorship program. Continue Reading

Davido In Bed With … Who The Heck Is That???


I woke up this morning to several tweets alerting me to the breaking news. People had to personally tweet me because they know I am a proud member of the association of last carriers.  Anyway, so there are pictures of Davido in bed some chic. The pictures were taken by the girl while Davido was asleep, and my Twitter timeline has been on faya!  Continue to see the controversial pictures. Continue Reading

Association Of Last Carriers

Proud Member, Association of Last Carriers

Present! That's me. When it comes to being the last one to find out about anything, I am your girl. There's a valid reason why verastic dot com is not your source for breaking news. It's because the blogger behind verastic dot com never knows news when it breaks. So, don't ever bother coming here to find out the latest happenings. Continue to find out what I just find out. You're gonna laugh at this one. Continue Reading

What’s Up With The Duck Face?

Duck Face

We all know at least one person who does this in all her pictures. And you'll have an easier time convincing her that pork comes from turkey than you would convincing her that that duck face is not half as sexy as she thinks it is.  Continue to see the famous duck face. I know it'll look familiar. Continue Reading