In My Next Life

The yogurt that kept me company

In my next life, I'd like to be a woman, but I'd like men to have periods, too. Yes, you guessed it, this is another period post.  When you have to lose blood every twenty-four days, you will have no choice but to blog about it every now and then. There's so much to talk about concerning periods: the clumpy [stinky] blood, the bloatedness, the fatigue, the mood swings. I mean, it's endless. Continue Reading

Verastic Is Five Years Old ::: Giveaway!!!

Blue Bow Tie from Oyato

Verastic dot com is five years old today. And it's all because of you! Who am I kidding? It's all because of me! Okay, fine, it's all because of us both. Mostly me. A little bit of you. Hey, the point is, the blog is five *INSERT WIDE IGBO GRIN*  I've been waiting for like forever to do this giveaway, and finally, the day is here. The rules are simple. But before I tell you the rules, I should first mention that the following people are not allowed to participate. Well, they can participate if Continue Reading

In Search Of My Roots

Today, I and millions - billions, maybe - of people tuned in to the Oprah show to hear her big family secret. Unfortunately, the Tom Joiner Morning Show already ruined the surprise for me this morning, although they were merely speculating. Watching Oprah's show, it turned out that the Tom Joiner Morning show speculated quite well about what the surprise would be, albeit Oprah's version was a lot more detailed, of course. Continue Reading

Sex Toys + Giveaway + Show Me Your Love

Let's start with the sex toys. Verastically Speakin' Talk Radio has been off the air since October 2010. Shocked? Yeah, me too. I did not intend to take it off the air for so long, and I certainly was not aware that so much time had passed. I mean, where did all the time go? The good news is that the show is coming back on Saturday, February 19th 2011. I hope you've missed my voice half as much as I have missed yours because my oh my, I have missed your voice! I have missed the callers with the Continue Reading

Sooo… Yesterday Was My Birthday

Before the 'craze' started

I know you were expecting a birthday post as usual, but nothing about yesterday's birthday was usual. Like I mentioned before, what I really, really wanted was a birthday party, but since I came to that realization late. I decided to settle on having dinner with friends. This, too, was a late decision that only came on Wednesday night. I texted people on Thursday morning, and the dinner was on Friday night - my birthday - January, 14th 2011. Continue Reading

Kai. I Have Met Some Men Oh!

Chiwetel, a Nigerian (kind of) who is not the person I'm blogging about today, but who looks good on my blog

When I think about the different men I have met and their very different personalities and interesting lies, I cannot help but look forward to marriage. I cannot wait to have a family story night where daddy and mommy get to tell the children stories that start with, "Don't be like your mother oh! When I was your age, I met a man ...." Continue Reading

This Is Serious

My plan was to put up a post with my birthday wish list, but the things that I want most -  which are mostly unknown by people - only God can provide them for me. So because of that, I've decided to write a letter to God which I will seal in an envelop and read some years months later, just to make sure that He has actually kept His word. For those that are not aware, my birthday is coming up on Friday, January 14th 2011, and as I type this right now, I have no idea what I would on do that day. Continue Reading

Gotta Have Em’

Kelsi Dagger Linzy Pumps

Every now and then, a girl comes across an item that she just has to have - no matter the cost. It could be a dress. May be a piece of jewelry.  A pair of  shoes.  A house.  Or even a man. I have come across something that I just have to have. I don't know how or when, but I will have them. Continue Reading

There’s One Girl Like That

Her name is Lola Akinmade. She's a travelling writer and photographer. At one point in my life, I considered becoming a travelling writer and photographer. That was before I found out how much writing, travelling, and photography I'd have to do. I don't know what I expected, but I know it wasn't that --- at least not simultaneously. A little writing here. Some photography there. And a whole lot of FREE travelling. I couldn't have been farther away from the truth. Continue Reading

I Wanna Be His Hunger

I've been waiting to start my Lyrics & Vera series. And here it is. Lyrics & Vera is just that: lyrics and me. They're about songs, and what I like about them. The songs may be old school, newly released, Afro-pop, Blues, R & B, Gospel, Traditional, anything really. When I listen to a song, no matter how dance-able or soothing the beats may be, ultimately, it's the lyrics that make me fall in love. That's a duh statement, I know. But what makes this different is that you and I may Continue Reading