So, there I was yesterday, checking my Yahoo! e-mail account when I saw a notification from Twitter that a new person was now following me.  Usually, I just delete such mails, but this time, the name caught my attention: Turai Yar'Adua.  Yes, I mean Turai, our President's former President's wife.Off I went to check her profile out.  It's not everyday that a First Lady former First Lady follows me on Twitter.  Decked out in her outfit and traditional red scarf, she sat in her Continue Reading

Now That He Has Spoken

Whether the man meant it or not, he spoke some words!  Funny how people were sniffling and dabbing tissue on their eyes.  I wonder how they felt when the news of his accident, affairs, and alleged physical abuse first broke on Thanksgiving Night in November of 2009.  Of course, one has to consider that the people in the room when Tiger gave his speech were carefully handpicked by Tiger's team.  So, there's a slight chance that even then (on Thanksgiving Night), they were Continue Reading

Sins Of My Past

How much of my past should I really disclose [to my partner]?  Full disclosure between us would be nice, but is it necessary?  When people pry into other people's past, there's hardly a time they're prying for the good stuff ... like the time the person helped old Mrs. Kanu to cross the street.  Or the time the person won the award for Best Chemistry Student.  Or the time the person volunteered at the homeless shelter. Or how the person became a working class citizen at the Continue Reading

What Would You Do…

... For a million dollars?If you were on the verge of losing your home, have no car, and have no other place to lay your head at night, and Someone offered you a million dollars --- if only you would sleep with a random person, would you do it?If the love of your life was in limbo, between life and death, and you were offered a million dollars --- if only you would disown your family, would you do it?If you were asked to marry that person, that one you loathe, the one you wish you could write Continue Reading

…And The Winner Is…

[Click on award to expand it] 255 comments in, and the winner has emerged.  Congratulations Chayoma!!!  I hope the reward was worth your effort?  Now, all you have to do is e-mail me [project@verastic.com] with an address where I will send your book --- and a hand-written letter from me.  Yes, I didn't mention this part, but I will in fact include a hand written letter.  I hope you enjoy it.  I happen to love writing letters. Continue Reading

This Valentine Thing Sef…

So, who amongst you thinks or believes that Valentine's Day is for all kinds of love?  Personally, I believe that Valentine is for celebrating romantic love, but these Hallmark people, they just know how to create a card for every flippin' situation.  So, even on Valentine's Day, there are cards for parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers.  Yeah, whatever.  I bet you there's a It's-been-a-year-since-you-died card  for the dead, somewhere in the Continue Reading

Venting 101: T-Mobile

I've been with my cell phone provider, T-Mobile for six years.  That's right, SIX flipping years!  My contract ends next month.  I called T-Mobile yesterday to see what kind of deal they could give me for the Motorola Cliq  --- being their loyal customer and all.  I've had a Blackberry Curve since 2008, and this is the longest I have ever used one phone.  I'm not half as bothered about the wear and tear on the phone as I am its functionality - or lack of it. Continue Reading