Dear Boyfriend, Will You Give Me Your Password?

Dear Boyfriend,Will you give me the password to your e-mail account? Yes, I'm having a hard time keeping up with all five of my e-mail accounts, but still, I'd like to check up on yours - every now and then. Although I'll probably not even have the time to do so, I'd like to know that if I were to wake up one morning feeling a little unsafe or unsure about our relationship... and I were to feel compelled to check up on your e-mail account, I would have the access to do so.Dear Boyfriend,Will Continue Reading

My Honeymoon And I

So the post about my 17-day fun ignited a question: Did Mr. Shoes and I get married and go on our honeymoon?Uhm... no!!!!Frankly, I am hurt, shocked, and disappointed that you would even think that. What kind of honeymoon lasts for 17 days? Not mine!! I have decided that my honeymoon will last for one year and will include 12 to 15 countries. That's my plan for now. I just might increase it to 18 months. That way, by the time hubby and I are coming back from the honeymoon, we'll also have Continue Reading

What’s The Real Problem Here?

Yesterday, I put up a question on my Facebook status, You tell me: Was the 'District 9' movie insulting to Nigerians? I got no response whatsoever, and let me tell you, that was very unusual. My Facebook statuses never go without being replied. So I posed the question differently, Nobody wants to comment on the District 9 movie. What if I ask about your favorite position during sex then? Aha!! I am proud to say that I now have 23 comments ... and still counting. Of course, I don't really Continue Reading

Party Over Here…. Party Over There…

That's what the past 17 days of my life has felt like: party, party, party! Or let me rephrase it, "Fun, fun, fun!!!" Yes, Sir! I have actually been having fun. I, Vera Ezimora whose only known method of fun used to be weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, movies, and bowling. Yes, I have now evolved to a new level of fun - the type of fun where I hop on a plane and fly to a place where they paint their homes pink and yellow. Happy, happy place, it seems. Nothing compared to the red Continue Reading

I Love You, Tomorrow

Considering what will be happening tomorrow, I should not even be saying that I love tomorrow. Considering what will be happening tomorrow, I should be dreading it and wishing it will never, ever make it here, but if tomorrow doesn't come, neither will next tomorrow, and all the other days that I hope for. I liken it to cooking a pot of goat peppersoup from scratch. By scratch, I mean, the goat is still alive. So first, you have to kill the goat, roast it to burn off its fur, cut its meat Continue Reading

I Am Sorry

So I was supposed to update yesterday. What the heck happened? It has been quite a while since I missed an update. I knew I was due to update, and I just kept telling myself that I had to update, but somehow, the day just went by, and before I knew it, it was midnight, and Tuesday was upon me.I don't quite have much to say. Either that, or I actually do have a lot to say but have not organized my thoughts in a way that will be coherent to you. I think the latter is the case. The point is Continue Reading

So About This Sex Thing…

Sex Thing....notSexting*ahem* Just had to clarify that. You know how you can get.JAre you ready for tomorrow? Are you ready to hear me, Ekene Agabu, NaijaBloke, and Nkechinyere battle it out about sex (to have it or not) on Verastically Speakin Talk Radio.Again, I feel compelled to explain here: we will not be battling out if all four of us should have sex on Verastically Speakin - during the show. What I meant was --- it's a talk radio show, and during the show, we will talk about sex. You Continue Reading

Sex, Sex, Sex!!!

Sex is such an interesting, diverse, and complicated topic. Although it's a three letter word, it's often treated as a four letter word. SEX. If my blog were a sex blog and I had to blog about sex everyday, I still would not run out of things to say about it. Sex goes beyond the positions taken and minutes spent while doing it. A critical question one should ask is: Should I even have sex?In relationships (marriage excluded), sometimes, sex is included, other times, it isn't. It has Continue Reading

It’s Not What It Looks Like

Yes, it's not what it looks like. I can explain. I usually update my blog at about midnight (U.S. Eastern time) because then, it feels like I have updated at the beginning of the day. But it's already past 5pm right now, which means it's also past 10pm GMT and past 10pm Nigerian time. Ah... most of the day is gone already. I know it might look like I did not update this blog early enough, but it's not what it looks like; I can explain. Of course, I can.You see...First, I was amazed by this Continue Reading